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  1. I do this as well. Especially with my microfiber cutting pad.
  2. I love Adams but idk why some people are paying more than retail for any Special Edition DS. I usually buy them when they release to actually use them. To each their own I guess. I will happily view the chaos from the sideline.
  3. I read on a group that it smells like raspberry but that is all the information that was put out regarding it. No reviews yet.
  4. I may have three of those Everest towels that I use. I was just curious as to why they came off the site.
  5. Did anyone else notice that the triple soft towels are no longer on sale? I went to look at the description to verify the GSM count but I couldn't find it on the page nor did it pop up on the search box. I even took it a step further and checked on the Microfiber Bundle and nothing. They just vanished. Something new coming for Black Friday?
  6. Someone got it on the Amazon MBs if I'm not mistaken. I saw it on the Mystery Box Thread. They haven't commented on it though.
  7. I had one of my buddies put a box on the roof of my car and he slid it off and it created scratches similar to the first and third pics. I managed to get the majority of the scuff marks out with some HCC and CP. The only thing left were some deep scratches that are barely visible to most.
  8. Bump! Packing my stuff for my move back to the states! My packout is early Nov. Lets get these items traded! I have a stateside address for those who are concerned about shipping prices.
  9. Today I added up all of my orders that I have placed since I found out about Adams. Since March 2017 I have spent $2,345.82.
  10. Im not a professional but I had this same issue with my 93 RX7 and I was not able to polish it out. The surface was silky smooth after a few passes and there was no scratches on the surface but it still looked like this. Im pretty sure the issue is the paint under the clear coat.
  11. Does the Americana need to be new? I've used mine once and I have a new bottle of BG.
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