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  1. Open to trade options! I have: Full bottles of Guard & Gloss, Detail Spray and Ceramic Boost About half a bottle of Guard & Gloss Sprayers for all items Ideally I'd like to give away all at once if possible. Thanks!
  2. I just wanted to say thanks for the suggestions on this thread. I ended up getting the Sidekick and had the chance to use it today. Couple of notes: • I love this thing. It puts out a lot more air then I realized. • Getting into the cracks is so helpful especially before waxing/polishing. • It's definitely well built. • It's not too loud, but if you have sensitive ears you may need protection. I measured the sound level which peaked at around 95 DB (close to the unit) and hovered around 80-85 DB at about an arms length away. To give you an idea, 90 DB is about the sound level of a hair dryer; 93 DB is about the level of belt sander and 98 DB is the equivalent to an hand drill. -Taken from NIOSH Also, the sound level measurements were taken with a NIOSH app on my iPhone. As it's not 100% accurate, it's pretty close. • The power cord is 18 gauge (I confirmed with Metro) and I ended up getting a 25' extension cord/14 gauge, which is perfect to get around my garage. • Using the Sidekick and the Great White MF towel dried the car really well. (There was less water on the towel afterwards.) And no water run off! • All in all I'm happy with the Sidekick. Once my car is waxed I'm sure the water will bead off a lot better while using this. It would be tough to do an entire car with it, but I knew that when purchasing it. Hope this helps anyone interested in picking up one of these!
  3. If there was dead rodent in there, it, along with any remnants will need to be removed. This includes any droppings, etc. After that you may need a fogger or ozone machine to completely eliminate the odor. Before you go through all that, I'd have the car professionally looked at and inspected by a mechanic or dealership. It may cost you time, but at least at the end of the day you know you'll get it all taken care of. Good luck.
  4. Thanks Chris. I believe most of us on here are partly OCD/clean freaks, so anything that can restore a cleaning tool is well received. Me included!
  5. Thanks to this thread and the testimonials, I'm adding MF revitalizer to my next order.
  6. A few years back I bought a Subaru WRX and wanted to keep it looking as new as possible. After researching car care products I noticed Adam's received a lot of stellar reviews. (Not to mention their intuitive videos were really helpful.) After trying their products I was hooked. But what keeps me loyal is their customers service. It's truly unrivaled.
  7. You're going to do fine! I believe most of us have been in your shoes at one point or another. If you run into any issues, I'm confident one of us will be able to help you out. Shoot, I bet if you ask for help, there may be someone in your area that could lend a hand. Good luck!
  8. I believe there's one in Cheshire. It's called Corvette Store & More. You can call them at 203 710 9614 to confirm.
  9. Do you think the chemicals from the road have ate away at the mats? Have you tried contacting Weather Tech? After trying what everyone mentioned, I can't imagine there being anything else you can do. (Unless you haven't tried steam cleaning, or talking to the folks at Weather Tech.) Good luck, hope you find a solution!
  10. My main polisher is a Flex DA. I usually set it on 5-6 when using correcting polish. When I'm applying a wax or sealant I drop it down to 3. I wasn't sure how that would be translated to the SKM. I'll be using it primarily on my front bumper (Subaru) and also around the trunk where the Flex can't reach.
  11. Welcome Bob. You're going to really like this forum. There's a lot of knowledgable folks here.
  12. How's the towel you are drying it with? If it's a MF towel, did you dry it with other towels or a dryer sheet? I know doing that could affect its proper dryer abilities. Also, you mentioned using a pressure washer to rinse it off. Does it have any soap attached to it? Just wondering if any soap residue could be getting on the car after you rinse it.
  13. I'm not sure if the new one is anything like the old one. I've had the same one for 5~ years. After I'm done washing the car, I hose it off and place it on top of a grit guard to air dry. It's been fine since.
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