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  1. My truck has a clear bra on it and I’m going to apply graphene ceramic tomorrow. My question is about what goes on top, and how long to wait before I can apply. I have ceramic boost, ceramic paste wax, and graphene detail spray. I was planning on doing detail spray last. Should ceramic boost go after the graphene ceramic or should the paste wax go on second? And is 24 hours long enough between the ceramic application and the ceramic paste?
  2. I don't loveee the smell like I do some of the other scents but I found it to be fairly subtle.
  3. I used the newish interior protection paste on my new Denali and I really like the matte finish on all my panels and leather. However I got some in the perforations in the seats. I sorta figure it should melt out a bit over time but is there an easy solution to making it less noticeable? Buffing with a microfiber towel didn’t do much. I have an interior detailing brush I think will probably work but I don’t want to rough up the perforations themselves. also wondering how the paste stacks up against leather conditioner. I can’t tell if this new leather is really absorbing much paste. How well does this hydrate? also didn’t love the waxy residue feeling from the steering wheel with the paste. May just use conditioner on that.
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