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  1. I remember that FB live as well and this seems legit, we shall see. Mantis-you have to try the Graphene CS3! It is mind blowing, i feel like its better than OG CS3, and Graphene DS. Just my opinion! But its amazing
  2. Sweet rig. I’m gonna guesstimate 1950/1951 Chevy Pumper. Definitely not still in service. Something we would probably call a “parade piece”
  3. Joe said in the video that is was close to Mega Foam, I feel as Mega Foam is more powerful than Car Shampoo. As far as the seal, I have no idea, at first I was thinking it was going to be like Rinse and Coat, but its a polymer, not a ceramic. Either way looks pretty cool to me, I plan on trying it out!
  4. You use car shampoo or mega foam, with something like the cockpit brush, or truck brush to clean. Also once absolutely completely Dry, you can use Ceramic Spray Coating or Fabric Protector, to add protection
  5. I’ve had this happen, where i hung my bottle on a side mirror, and some leaked and crystallized. Lots of water and soap did the trick, basically washing it again, i know this may not be your answer, but basically “The solution to pollution is dilution” haha
  6. Yup, my daughter loved it! And its full of suds and lubrication. Works extremely well. I love it
  7. I loved the performance, used it a couple times now, it’s awesome. I did write up on the Graphene Shampoo thread
  8. Everything you mentioned will work fine. However things like GDS, Ceramic Boost, CS3, would be the best. You absolutely can apply the Spray coating every few months. I remember Adam actually talking about that in a video Sun and heat actually help in the curing process as well, just fyi
  9. Hey Rich, If you have access to Facebook, you can go back and watch the live video from Wednesday, they did a whole tour and what not, its an hour long if I remember correctly
  10. Pictures would be best as always. I have had dots from wind carrying the product before. Chris may be on to something.... Ive been using GDS since it came out, 5 different cars, whites, grey, navy blue, black. Drying aid and on a dry vehicle, literally spray and wipe and zero issues. I also wonder what your previous LSP is, and wonder if it’s reacting with that in a weird manor???
  11. Not today but a few days ago I played around with the new One Step Metal Polish. Worked extremely well! Before Waterless wash only... After polish
  12. Spray wax is nice for a week or so and does smell amazing, but I am with Rich, that Graphene Detail Spray is absolutely amazing!
  13. I would and I do machine polish my new Vehicles. I have also been fortunate with 2 new vehicles over the last 2 years, that they were in excellent condition, and I stopped the dealer from cleaning them, before the swirls were installed. And definitely if you will be coating them, you want them to be in top notch condition, before locking it in. After a strip wash, I use iron remover, before clay. Then polish, coating prep spray, and lastly the coating. Hope this helps
  14. I agree with the guz, no one washes their vehicle repeatedly with crazy heavy duty degreasers. There are a few great youtubers out there, I’m not here to promote anyone, but they do more real world testing, with regular soaps, or true longevity tests. These guys i trust and they are showing more real world scenarios, plus i like testing, and I play with different things myself, as do most of us. For example...On the previous version of Adams spray coating, it came out Black Friday 2019, so not the graphene, It has been on my daily driven 2001 Silverado for 8 months. I have washed the truck twice per month, 1 bucket, Adam’s blue car shampoo, 10” wash pad, dried with the ultra plush drying towel, no toppers, no boost, no details spray...nothing. And the coating (spray) is still beading like day 1, well day like 14, since I didn’t put water on it for a couple weeks. It lives outside 24/7, drives 50/50 country roads and high speed highways outside of Washington DC. Now, it was prepped, Clayed, 2 step compound and polish, prep spray, 1 layer of coating, 24hrs later, ceramic boost. But that is all. As far as the graphene coating, I’ve been using it since it came out and its still holding up on another vehIcle just fine, but its only been 3-4 months I think, and its doing great!
  15. Welcome, and glad things are going well! We have all walked in your shoes at some point or another! Boy it’s also crazy how far Hyundai has come in 20 years! Whip looks great, keep up the good work!
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