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  1. As long as Marquis pre-games (elctrolytes and a good meal) and gets a good night sleep, I'm in for 3:35. I've seem "The Man" in action.
  2. Good luck with the new ride Nick !!
  3. Yes, my order was delivered yesterday and both ID and DS scents are the same as last year's versions......at least to my olfactory receptors.
  4. Nice collection Ross ! Can't tell if the Mazda is White or light Silver. If it's White, you have the American trifecta.......Red, White, and Blue
  5. Welcome aboard, Ross. Post up some pics of those rides when you get a chance. We loves us some pictures on this here forum.
  6. At least your hat and pants were different.
  7. Welcome aboard Tony. Looks like you've used most of the Adams product line over the past 4 years, but don't hesitate to ask questions. There's tons of knowledge to be had from the group. Love the flag.
  8. Understood. OK, how about this one. I've also used ID to clean my desk at work.
  9. It's not a household use, but you can certainly use the Interior Detailer under the hood to treat all plastic surfaces. It leaves a rich matte finish and helps repel dust.
  10. Just a thought: The hardness of your water will directly impact the amount of suds produced from equal amounts of shampoo. Soft water will produce more suds than hard water will with an equal amount of shampoo. If you have hard water in your area or if you draw from a well, you'll probably need more shampoo to get the desired amount of suds.
  11. I would recommend using Waterless Wash to remove light dust.
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