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  1. I just purchased my LC from Adam's. Haven't had the time to treat any vehicles. I use quite a bit of leather cleaner and leather conditioner on my western boots and wallet. Those seem to work great.
  2. Man I didn't even notice. Been holding out for awhile on the led sign and or the metal sign. Shucks
  3. Adam's 4 Bottle Bag Adam's Draw String Bag Adam's Thule Backpack 2 Adam's Wash Buckets 1 Gal of H20 Guard & Gloss 2 Bottles of H20 Guard & Gloss (Items may be added or taken away daily) Let's see what's out there.
  4. I have the ones that are blue. Looking for the ones in yellow.
  5. That's the plan, I ordered some yesterday so that should work great. Wish it came in Gal.
  6. I'll tell you what, I just can't seem to catch on to this product. I've used it once on my 2006 TDI and wasn't thrilled and twice now on my boat. I just feel as if it should be better. Keeping in mind all my toys have (Adam's Ceramic Wax on them) I wash my toy, spray the H20 Guard on and wipe off. Once with towel then another towel after that. What am I doing wrong? Tempted to throw all I have up on the Garage Sale Tab.
  7. Good to know, I just had my truck done and will be doing the same next week!
  8. Oh I love the product. Use it all the time. For some reason I left that old one alone and still have it just sitting there. Not really into the collection stuff.
  9. Have an Old Label Revive Hand Polish. What's it worth? Seeing all these ebay's listings has me thinking.
  10. What's everyone think of the Thule Backpack?
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