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  1. I am so sorry this happened to you. It is both heartbreaking and infuriating at the same time. I know. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any consensus or conclusion as to how it happened, or why. Adams couldn’t replicate it testing on their vehicles, and unfortunately.... the suggested products to remedy the problem were short term at best. I had four vehicles that were impacted. The GMC, a Ram, a Subaru and a Buick. I had to swallow hard and am now re-coating their trim on a regular basis, averaging 3 times a year. At my cost. I have had to move on (brand) and have done vehicles since, using all the same processes, without having that issue. Feel free to DM me with specific questions if I can help further.
  2. Yes. Hoping to get the truck back this weekend to fix it. Fingers crossed
  3. Thanks all. I’ll update once I get my order in and my hands on the truck again. (Owner lives 4 hours away) I’ll take pics of whole process.
  4. Bandits car (Trans Am baby!)
  5. Thanks @falcaineer. I agree, and had no intent of polishing. (I reread my post from earlier, and do understand how I might have mislead in my intentions. Most information on YouTube is how to compound and polish coating off of paint, which does me no good since it’s trim I’m having trouble with.) I was seeking ways to chemically remove it from trim, which led to my experimentation on my “black plastic” pressure washer. Adams Support has reached out with some advice and direction, and I feel somewhat encouraged about removing and fixing the problem. I will update as I go. It’s not a happy feeling, and if I can save someone else heartache.......:.
  6. Awesome insight. Thank you. (I had used Gyeon Prep on entire vehicle before applying coating) I appreciate your advice on remedying, and will update the thread as I solve it.
  7. Thanks Falcaineer. (I did see your response immediately, and appreciate your insight) I did use a popular brand name paint prep solution that I have bulk supply of before applying the coating. Apparently it is not compatible with Adams though? I’ve been chasing info all day yesterday, trying to find out about removing ceramic coatings from trim. There is surprisingly little beyond the typical “compound and polish”, which obviously won’t do me any good in this case. I decided to ceramic coat my black plastic pressure washer, and start experimenting with different chemicals to see if I can remove the coating without damaging the plastic. (Sort of a sacrificial lamb) Mythbusters would be proud! Early results are encouraging, and the cool thing about Adams UV Ceramic is indeed the “UV” aspect of it. I’ve sectioned off parts of the washer, and begun applying different solutions to each. A quick follow up with the UV light quickly confirms where the coating is still intact. I’ll keep updating this post as I go. My hope and intent is to find a way to SAFELY remove the coating and go a different direction with treating the trim. (Looks like I have 3 vehicles with this issue to fix. If I’m honest, it’s making me very gun shy.) I did look into the Trim Restorer at your suggestion, but after reading some of the reviews, I’m not sure that it’s a permanent option, especially on this brand new truck. (I’ll keep it in mind for Plan B.) Has anyone else run into this issue?
  8. Thank’s. Fun project. (Having trouble now with same truck if you check my earlier post. Maybe some of you have insight?)
  9. Ya, two plus hours on a Sierra Denali. I used an airbrush to apply the initial coat to ensure full coverage of all the angles. Second coat was just applicator on the chrome leading edges. Definitely took a lot of patience....
  10. Just finished my friends 2020 Denali, full ceramic coating. looked incredible for first two weeks, but now all the coated trim has gone milky white!! He’s (understandably) freaked, as am I. Anyone have suggestions? How can I fix this?
  11. So I do have Canadian and International DS, but as I’m not a collector, would gladly trade them for usable product. Heres the hitch: I’m in Canada. Anyone ship chemicals over border? Is there challenges?
  12. I also use 6000K, 4’ LED lights mounted on wall. Found them on Amazon for a pretty reasonable price, and pulled the trigger. This pic was taken (during construction) without the overhead lights on. Overhead I switched the old 4’ fluorescent tubes out for (16x) 6” round LED pots, 6000K. (That said, I still have the big 500W halogen tripods on standby, and an assortment of handheld units to chase the “finer details”) Lots of solutions.
  13. Enjoying the benefits of spray wax on my device screens. Big difference!
  14. There there (as in I missed the syrup)
  15. Wow, you have an eye for detail..... (also speaks to the quality of image @shane@detailedreflectionsthat we can zoom in enough to catch that.) Well done.
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