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  1. Girlfriend's jeep Wrangler had vinyl American flag on hood. Cut out stripes to be black and blue (blue Jeep) I want to do a daily driver paint sealant. What should I do about the vinyl? Can I just use Adam's paint sealant over them?
  2. I handed him the keys and told him to drive it like he stole it. But park away from everyone lol
  3. She's the one that scares me. She's got a heavy foot. Takes after her Dad lol
  4. She already claims it as her car. I have let both kids drive it. My son took it to his senior prom. lol
  5. I might try to bribe my daughter. If she details the Vette she can drive it to first day of school. lol 700+RWHP supercharged wide body C6
  6. Of course it rained here last night. Detailed my Tacoma Saturday. Killed my back doing it. ugh Wash, APC, some tar/gunk/tree sap. 😠 Clay, Adams one step polish, Adams Paint Sealant, Adams Buttery Wax - Put on with Porter cable wipe off with microfiber after haze. full interior detail, and wheels and tires.
  7. I noticed they sell a lot of different scents for the interior detailer now. What was the or
  8. I thought Boost was meant to be used over a vehicle that had already been ceramic coated?
  9. What would be the Adams equivalent? Ceramic spray coating or CS3? I got some leno's radiant for free, and kind of liked it.
  10. I was thinking about getting a bidders pass this year. There are a few cars I might be interested in.
  11. Will Adams be at Barret Jackson in Ct again this year? I'm going, and looking forward to seeing them.
  12. Just ordered my fun field for Corvettes @ Carlisle yesterday. :)
  13. It would be nice if Adams had a Regional Forums Section. Get to know some local people using the products & have ability to check out new products people are using. Dave
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