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  1. To me the red circle/streak looks like where the ceramic coating ends during an application. Untreated/treated portion. At least it looks like that during all my applications, especially on darker cars. I can tell you one thing is i wouldnt pay anyone $1k-$1500 this coating would cost if done properly. It is really not a bad process Try the spray Cc. Its even easier.
  2. Im half an idiot…i watched numerous videos and read up on Numerous ceramic coating topics. The longest and toughest part is preparation. If you are content with how your paint looks and opt not to do a correction then you save yourself hours of work. As far as ceramic application…I first applied Adams first edition CC. I did it, it was def more difficult then Adams newer CC such as Graphene and Advanced versions, but doable! And even my first application looked great. Maybe one high spot that no one could see. More recently i applied the Advanced to 2 of my vehicles. Came out great. Just take your time….dont rush. If you are absolutely terrified, which you shouldnt, then try to ceramic spray coating. Thats boarder line idiot proof…quickly wipe on and remove after a few mins! but i wouldndef do the full Advanced CC. Shines and repels like crazy
  3. Sounds like u rushed into it! Review some videos, all correctable issues. My advice would be dont Ever let the dealer detail your car! EVER!
  4. I dont have FB,twitter or insta (and like to think im not old 😬)..what i have been doing the past few years is googling adams polishes. U can bring up there up to date webpage. Only issue is for notifiactions…u have to refresh the page to see whats new. I usually keep that oage open on my ohond broswer and refresh it a few times a day!
  5. Welcome! I agree with @Nickfire20, Hyundai/Genisis and kia have all stepped up their Game.
  6. I would guess that was intentional..either that or somebodys gonna be sweating it out today looking for it!!!
  7. APC is the all purpose cleaner. Its now sold as Eco APC.
  8. Thanks Dan! Sooo happy to be back functioning properly!! Happy holidays to all!
  9. @TR6speedI would say if you have a significant other he/she probably the culprit!!!! 🤷🏼‍♂️
  10. Im trying to “like” the above posts but cant!!!! I’m sure they are working for a fix.
  11. Still no fix to the icons on mobile? Its driving me nuts with no icons!😫
  12. And gone! 6 minutes..thats as quick as the old limiteds!
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