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  1. Hey guys, I have laded myself a big job. Its a husky airplane, I will attach an image but the customer wants me to come clean it. This is my first aircraft I've done, and hopefully it will lead into more so I want to be through. I would love all and any help with tips and tricks and pointers. Please be critical because I want to make an impression on this guy! I am traveling to him (30 minutes away) to his house, which has the hangar attached, which is attached to the runway... This guy is quite wealthy. And suggestions on price as well would be appreciated as well. Please comment any thoughts
  2. Hey everyone! I hope you're all doing well and trying to stay positive in this time we are currently living in. It feels like there has just been so much negativity lately, so I would like to try and organize a photo shoot in the surrounding area if anyone is interested. I have done this once before and it was a blast so I would like to try it again. I am in Centennial Colorado looking to shoot some cool cars, (shine courtesy of Adams of course) I would be willing to go to meet up pretty much anywhere in the surrounding areas. If anyone is interested, feel free to leave a comment or ask quest
  3. Here’s my 2016 4runner SR5. Love this thing. So beefy
  4. @Bscott94 Wow! those are huge! I am not sure if i could ever do that. I would go nuts with how dirty it would get. Thanks Rich! I am extremely happy with how it turned out. Next think I think I want to do is auxiliary lighting.. I already have the Baja Designs Squadron Pro Wide Cornering lights sitting in my cart. Just waiting to pull the trigger. Thanks buddy! And what do you mean by "Off road"? I heard the mall has some good spots 😉
  5. Eric, cleaning this is very easy and simple actually. Take some Tire and Rubber cleaner, spray it on the tires, let it sit for 30-60 seconds and then spray off, and you're good as new! No scrubbing required!
  6. Got some new wheels and tires for the 4 runner. I went with the Method 305NV in matte black (17x8.5). For tires I was between a few different ones. I had looked at the Toyo Open Country AT2's, the Nitto Ridge Grapplers and the Firestone MT2's. I decided on the Firestone's because I thought they looked the best and it really changes the whole look of the truck. I went with 285/70/17. Stock tires are 265/70/17 so it rubs a little bit at full lock, but not nearly as much as I thought they would. I was between 275 and 285 wide tires but I am glad I went with 285 because the fitment is nearly perfe
  7. It could be your towels, Are you using older towels? I know mine tend to do that sometimes when I use Ceramic boost. Sometimes all it takes is to just use a new towel and retire the old one for other duties. Let us know if that changes anything. (This is just my prognosis, Im sure others will be able to shine more light)
  8. Sweet! I will definitely how to try that! Thank you JR! I plan to do some more this weekend. ill add some more pics as I go along. stay tuned!
  9. I was planning on just taking the actual door handle off of the door, that way I could get to it easily. Oh thats very smart! I might have to try that
  10. I used my Adams micro polisher with the blue bad and compound!
  11. A little update: Last week I got new tint the 4Runner. The driver and passenger tint thad been nicked with what seemed like the seatbelt a bunch of times from the previous owner. I got 15% on the driver and passenger and 50% on the windshield. Really makes a big difference from the outside. hardly looks any different from the inside. I also cleaned the wheels and they were pretty filthy. So I cleaned those with some Waterless Wash. And after i had gone around and cleaned the faces of all the wheels, i decided to just do a full wheel clean because the barrels of the wheels still we
  12. Thanks Jeff! you bet, hopefully sometime over spring break i think when I have the most time to do all the prep work. (polish, prep all that)
  13. @falcaineer We need to meet up at the warehouse sometime soon! I haven't seen you in a while!
  14. Totally agree! @RayS thank you!! I can’t wait to get some wheels and RSG rock sliders on it. Just got it tinted today. 50% on the windshield and replaced the 15% on the front windows. They were kind of beat up
  15. Adams has tons of air fresheners! One of my favorites is the Squash scent. They just released a bunch of new ones recently as well. Have you used their odor neutralizer? Those all smell great as well. My favorite is the clean cotton.
  16. I know, me too @mc2hill it’s covered by black trim pieces. I just had them out because I removed the seats to fully clean under the seats
  17. That’s awesome! can’t wait to see it completed
  18. Super excited to say I finally have a 4Runner. I’m in the process in perfecting it. I’ll take some more after pictures today or tomorrow. I have extracted the carpets with my Bissell spot clean Professional (available on Amazon) that I got for Christmas and it is probably my best tool in my arsenal. And I have extracted the front seats. I pulled the seats out of the car and cleaned all the bolt cover trim pieces as well. I also disassembles the center console to get this as clean as I possibly can. Still have more to go, I will update as I do it. I will be coating someone soon if i can catch a
  19. I will be getting a 5th gen 4 runner here sometime in January, and I want to put a lift kit on it and a set of wheels and some big all terrain tires. I have been doing my research and finding lots of stuff, but can anyone recommend me a decent set up? Without spending $2000? Looking for 2-3 inch lifts. I’ve found this one, by rough country. Can anyone tell me about it? https://www.roughcountry.com/toyota-suspension-lift-kit-76620.html?find=2016-toyota-4runner-4wd-378995
  20. Here are the other headphones, not sure why it wasn’t showing as a picture but I think I got it figured out, will ong to sell at a pretty reasonable price so let me know, don’t be afraid to offer or ask questions!
  21. Hey everyone! Ive got these headphones that I don't use any more and they just sit in my room. I would like to sell them and get some money for them. I'm trying to get a 4Runner so not really open for trading. they have each been used less than 5 times each. They are basically brand new. Everything is flawless on these and works perfectly. PM me if you're interested or have any more questions!! 1st pair SOL Republic Tracks Air Wired/wireless headphones (Plastic still on ear pieces) 2nd Pair Beads Solo By Dre 3rd Pair LG Tone Infinim Retractable wireless Ear buds
  22. @Yo-Yo Ma's Cousin it is a soft bristle!
  23. I’ve got a few things for trade, half a bottle of 18 PS interior detailed, basically a full bottle of the 18 tire shine, and the 18 4th of July interior retailer and and 19 u tamed shoe cleaner. I also have this 18 pumpkin spice mailer and a soft bristle wheel brush. Never been used. I don’t really have anything in mind for trade. I’m open to just about everything. Let me know if anyone is interested!
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