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  1. Moving snow on a near daily basis here as well. Tonight I chipped ice at the bottom of the driveway for a good half hour or so. Quick survey: Rinseless wash? 😁
  2. Thanks so much for the pad and poster !!! Poster is very cool, I collect Mustang posters and will fit in perfect !

  3. No need. It’s good knowing it will get used instead of sitting in my basement, unused, for who knows how long.
  4. I have just the one and it’s yours. It’s been in a Rubbermaid bin for years and I have no use for it. Just PM me your address and I’ll send it on its way.
  5. Pulled the wife’s Beast out in the driveway so I could give the SS a much deserved rinse and rinseless wash. I sprayed the car down using Adam’s Rinseless at rinseless wash ratio and let it dwell. I then cleaned the wheels and tires using Adam’s Wheel & Tire cleaner with Adam’s wheel and tire brushes which are fantastic! I’ve used so many different types of brushes over the years and was always “meh” with their performance. Too many times I finished cleaning the wheels only to find missed spots. So far I’m 8 for 8 with no missed spots and the previous brushes all found their way to the re
  6. Yesterday Mrs. Captain Slow subtly suggested her Beast needed a desalting and bath. (“About as subtle as a rhinoceros horn up the backside.” BlackAdder) Pulled the SS out in the driveway and brought the Beast in. Got everything ready only to discover my battery powered pressure washer had died...immediately after I had foamed the Beast with the IK sprayer. Hooked up the garden hose whereupon my favorite nozzle decided it was time to go as well.🙄😠 Put on ol’ drippy the nozzle I hate but spent too much on to throw away and got to rinsing. Wheels and tires cleaned with Adam’s Wheel and Tire clean
  7. I ignore these product “testers.” Why? For starters there is no connection from their “tests” to the real world. When was the last time you drove through a degreaser thunderstorm? When did you last park under a panel wipe tree? 🙄 Michael is correct in that our environment is the one true test site we should be concerned with. The detailing industry needs what we have in our industry (wholesale optical), an independent third party testing lab that can validate manufacturers claims in a sterile lab environment. https://www.colts-laboratories.com/testing-services/ophthalmic-lenses-coa
  8. Switched the Michelin Pilot Sport 3+ for my Dunlop winter set. Wheels were rinseless washed, dried, wiped with a panel wipe and treated to Adam’s Graphene Spray Coating. Off to Discount Tire tomorrow as one of the TPMS decided it didn’t want to read...🤷🏻‍♂️🙄
  9. Drove home in the season’s first snowstorm.
  10. My friend and neighbor needed his Jeep Rubicon prepared for winter. I started in his driveway with a quick once over inspection looking for anything that may need my attention but found none. Off to my heated garage we went where I started with a quick rinse of the roof and windows with Adam’s Rinseless Wash in a spray bottle. Those areas were then rinseless washed and the roof dried. The windows were cleaned a second time with Adam’s Clay Towel then dried. Next the paint was pre-rinsed then cleaned with Adam’s Rinseless Wash and several MF towels in a bucket. I spray rinsed then gen
  11. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to the Adam’s team.
  12. Thank you to the forum team. When I couldn’t like a post I figured it was something with my iPad and the latest update. Now I can go back and spread some love around the forum. Merry Christmas to all.
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