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  1. After two plus weeks the SS was in need of a bath. Filthy wheels were cleaned with Adam’s Wheel and Tire cleaner, Adam’s wheel and tire brushes and my favorite Adam’s Turbo Stick. They were then rinsed and treated to a shpritz of Rinse & Coat. The vehicle got foamed with Strip Wash, allowed to dwell, then rinsed and refoamed. Second rinse left the SS near perfectly clean. I washed using Graphene Shampoo and numerous MF wash mitts in a bucket. Sheeting rinse left the SS with hardly a drop on it but the plush drying towel made quick work of the remaining water. VRT on the cowling, Ceramic Boost on the glass and a coating of Tire Armor on the Michelins finished her off nicely. Interior wiped down with Sweet Pea Interior Detailer. Then it was off to the showers. P U was I ripe! After a shower and pics I went to look at it’s possible replacement and was ignored by the sales staff inside the showroom and out in the parking lot. I’ll visit a different dealership on Monday since they seemed to not want to take my money and shiny ride. Left there and went fishing but should have just gone home as fishing stunk (as did the pond.) Took a pic as I was walking back to my clean ride. ♥️ Tomorrow, bright and early before church, I’ll wash the wife’s Beast then possibly mom’s Corolla after services.
  2. I was on staycation last week, so Monday the SS got an Adam’s Rinseless Wash with Ceramic Boost as a drying aid. Wheels and tires cleaned with Adam’s Wheel & Tire Cleaner then gently rinsed. Wheels got Ceramic Boost and tires another coat of Tire Armor. She sat in the garage until Sunday when she took the family to church. Pic is from Monday at the office. Yes, I have a reserved parking spot. It only took me 36 years to get one! 😁
  3. Friday I two bucket washed the SS using Adam’s Graphene Shampoo. The SS is parked until I go back to the office. Yesterday I went to Menard’s and bought more LED lights for the garage, nearly 35,000 lumens total if the manufacturers claims can be believed. My far better half said “wow, it’s too bright in here!”
  4. I’ve had the same issue. Only way I could get rid of the dots was to go over it with a plush MF towel that was damp with Graphene Detail Spray. I no longer use GDS as a drying aid.
  5. Rinseless washed the SS in preparation for several days of rain. Ceramic Boost on paint, wheels and windows. Pulled the drivers WeatherTech mat, rinsed the salt off then cleaned with their stuff. I’ll be ordering the Adam’s version soon.
  6. ^ Looking at the first pic I thought “why would you power wash an old cracked sidewalk.” 🤷🏻‍♂️ Doh! Good job on the power wash Ray. 👍🏼
  7. Went to Discount Tire to switch winter wheels out for regular A/S set.
  8. So the last time our rides were cleaned was nearly 7 weeks ago. Since then we’ve had over two feet of snow, temps well below zero Fahrenheit, freezing fog and driving on roads covered in all sorts of de-icers and snow melters. Both vehicles were beyond filthy. Since it was 54*F and sunny it was time to do something about the dirty rides. Yesterday the wife’s Beast got its spa treatment which included two foam gunnings and two rinses followed by a bath with many MF towels in a bucket. Wheels and tires cleaned with Adam’ s Tire and Wheel Cleaner. Wheels got Ceramic Boost and tires got Tire Shine. Paint and windows got Ceramic Boost. Happy wife, happy life! 😉 Today, 50*F, cloudy and breezy, so today the SS got the same treatment using the same products. I rinsed the SS then foam gunned it and let it dwell until it started to dry then rinsed and repeat. I could still see some road grime low on all four doors so I foamed again prior to washing. After rinsing the water sheeted more than beaded on lower panels. I gently washed those areas again and rinsed. Aaaaaahhh that’s better! Beading is back. I’m thinking the coating still had some stubborn Illinois gunk on it and the second wash did the trick. Sheeting rinse followed by Adam’s Graphene Detail Spray as a drying aid. Wheels got Adam’s Rinse & Coat. Tires got Tire Shine. Before:
  9. Moving snow on a near daily basis here as well. Tonight I chipped ice at the bottom of the driveway for a good half hour or so. Quick survey: Rinseless wash? 😁
  10. Thanks so much for the pad and poster !!! Poster is very cool, I collect Mustang posters and will fit in perfect !

  11. Pulled the wife’s Beast out in the driveway so I could give the SS a much deserved rinse and rinseless wash. I sprayed the car down using Adam’s Rinseless at rinseless wash ratio and let it dwell. I then cleaned the wheels and tires using Adam’s Wheel & Tire cleaner with Adam’s wheel and tire brushes which are fantastic! I’ve used so many different types of brushes over the years and was always “meh” with their performance. Too many times I finished cleaning the wheels only to find missed spots. So far I’m 8 for 8 with no missed spots and the previous brushes all found their way to the recycle bin this afternoon. That tire brush is “the answer to my problem,” quoting the Cubii lady.😁 I rinseless washed the SS after rinsing with clear water then reapplying rinseless wash. Each towel was used for one wipe, flip it over, another wipe and so on. I used Graphene Detail Spray as a drying aid on all surfaces except the tires. They got Adam’s Tire Shine. Here’s the obligatory pic in my garage...which needs a deep clean, badly!
  12. Yesterday Mrs. Captain Slow subtly suggested her Beast needed a desalting and bath. (“About as subtle as a rhinoceros horn up the backside.” BlackAdder) Pulled the SS out in the driveway and brought the Beast in. Got everything ready only to discover my battery powered pressure washer had died...immediately after I had foamed the Beast with the IK sprayer. Hooked up the garden hose whereupon my favorite nozzle decided it was time to go as well.🙄😠 Put on ol’ drippy the nozzle I hate but spent too much on to throw away and got to rinsing. Wheels and tires cleaned with Adam’s Wheel and Tire cleaner and Adam’s brushes, which are fantastic! Then washed the Beast with Adam’s Car Shampoo. Rinsed off with a sheeting rinse and then Ceramic Boost on the paint and wheels with Adam’s Tire Shine on the Michelins. The gloss from the Boost 😍 Not bad for 6 years and 102,000 + miles.
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