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  1. Yea!!!!!!! Makes it much easier to get to the forums.
  2. I didn't attend, but I got a bottle from the last round of donations. I wish I learned of the event, before it occurred.
  3. I'm currently on the hunt for the following bottles 100K detail Spray Corvette C7 ds Wedding ds bottle SE bottle Anyone has these bottles they would like to trade for normal products or other limiteds?
  4. @Team Adam's can we get an update list, there have been multiple reformulation and new products released since this was written
  5. I have several of the following available: 2019 Cinco DS 2019 Valentines DS Tire Brush (unused) VRT (and application block)
  6. I was wondering the same thing. I'm bet a mystery box will be released though.
  7. Rumour has it a new site is under development. Anyone know when it will be launched?
  8. @DetailedbyTate Do you still have the BF Holiday DS?
  9. It really depends on how many they sell. The last Mystery Box was available for about a week.
  10. Looking for Cinco, 100k, Spot DS. I mostly have the normal supplies (almost to the point I could create a detailing business). In addition, I have some CG, Mckees, and Poorboys World (NOS) products that I can trade. Depending on how sweet the deal is I may have a brand NEW 15mm Red Swirl Killer.
  11. @falcaineer usually updates and posts this history in the Official "Mystery Box" Thread
  12. They were available as of last Thursday. The sale ended at midnight PST.
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