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  1. Welcome from York Joe! Lots of Keystone staters on here!
  2. Wow! Great looking cars, I hope your neighbors were wearing sunglasses....These 2 may have blinded them!
  3. I can't speak for RV's but, my 52 Chevy was heavily oxidized (it is Black) and the pain was the original. I stayed with the white foam but mixed the polish with compound (it's in a video somewhere). Very light pressure and made more passes than I did on other cars. It did amazing.
  4. Welcome to the Forum John
  5. i had to step in here because this is a common misconception. A Virus is not a living organism, which means it cannot be "killed". A virus is an inert molecule until it comes in contact with a "host" cell, then it attaches and does its thing. What you need to do to a virus to render it harmless is to treat it in a way that keeps it from being able to attach to a host cell.
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