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  1. Will I have used the foam cannon now for over a few years and on all different sizes of cars and I usually have 1/4 left after covering the car completely. I then dump the remainder in my wash bucket. I have several cars that have more surface than the Z. Not sure why this is happening to you
  2. Welcome. the cars look great
  3. Graphene Shampoo can be found here
  4. @Richas far as the trim, which is textured, what kind of prep do you do? Is it just cleaning (coating prep/IPA) or is there something further I need to do? Getting warmer here so I may actually get a chance soone to do the new car.
  5. Welcome Trede! Nice looking Car!
  6. Okay. I did some searches on YouTube and found quite a few videos where people did some test on different Spray coatings. Some Ceramic, some Graphene, etc., etc., etc. The have a little measuring tool that determine "Glossiness" in GU (Gloss Units?) and the differences were (IMO) minimal. They were all in the 92-96 range. I did notice that the difference in several tests between the Adam's CSC and Adam's GCSC was about 1.5 - 2 GU. The tester was all impressed by that and stated that he could see the difference. Admittedly, I am 66 years of age and my eyes aren't what they used to be but
  7. Jon, I have found with waxes and coatings the shine depth, etc (looks) seem to come from the prep work as much as anything else, The coatings do seem to be more "shiny" but as far as depth is concerned, I seem to see more of a difference when the prep (polish, etc) is done well. For example, a friend of mine put another brand spray ceramic coating on his car last year (he did not take my advice) and did not do anything but clay his car before applying the spray coating. He couldn't understand why my car had a deeper shine than his (I clayed, polished, etc.) since I had only used
  8. Hello and Welcome from PA!
  9. The smell is not horrible and I don't notice it at all unless I am spraying it. I think if you keep the sprayer closed (X) the smell will be minimized.
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