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  1. Is everything still available? I have a foam gun and a sidekick blaster.
  2. Hi Doug, Welcome to the Forum! Yes, Anaheim store is open. Monday-Friday 10 A.M - 7 P.M Saturday-Sunday 10 A.M - 2 P.M They are very helpful they will get what you need.
  3. Welcome to the forum! What orifice do you have in foam cannon? When I got my red foam cannon I had to replace the orifice. I had the same issue it was just water and no foam. Here's the link if you need to replace your orifice.. https://www.mtmhydroparts.com/collections/pressure-washing/products/copy-of-replacement-orifice-foam-cannon-nozzle
  4. Oops!! Should I return a few of them?
  5. I used it this weekend. It's hard to see it on a black Tahoe. But it works great!
  6. Adam is a Great person! I'm happy to support Adamspolishes the encounters I had with him have been mesmerizing. Thank You Adam keep doing what you do!!
  7. @quebert I used sezzle to see what was it about. I few weeks ago I made a purchased of $82.00 linked it to my bank acc it would take 4 payments from acc. On my 3rd payment I decided to pay it off. It works great. No interest is great!
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