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  1. I have done multiple vehicles with hand polish and it is still my go to for tail lights and marker lights. When doing motorcycles and golf carts, I only use hand polish.
  2. @bosco1The picture in the garage is great, but the one outside in the light really shows how impressive it its.
  3. I am in complete agreement with @mc2hill and if you want a little extra pop for a show you can top the Americana with another layer of Brilliant Glaze. Do the extra layer the night before or morning of the show for the best results.
  4. That's pretty sad. Reach out to Adam's Customer Support, they'll take care of you.
  5. RayS


    Welcome to the Forum.
  6. Welcome to the Forum Mike. I do vehicles that range from delivered right from a dealer and never touched after the factory to 50 year old vehicles. I can tell you that that there I have yet to have one be Perfect. As for the learning curve, it took me a few Ceramic Spray Coatings to figure out the best routine to use and now they are rather simple. Like @RichIt usually takes me two days to complete a vehicle, I know that part of that is that I just don't have the stamina to go 10 or so hours a day anymore. We're all here to help each other learn and improve and don't forget to post some pictures.
  7. Night moves Bog Seger - 1976
  8. The weekend brought a few vehicles to keep me occupied. First up was a Toyota Yaris and if it wasn't for the decal on the back, I probably wouldn't not have done much with it. Being that it came from Green Bay and is also red, I couldn't help myself. The paint itself is not on the best shape and in places the clear coat is failing. It got cleaned up and the important thing was the head lights which needed restoration. As you'll be able to see in the 3rd picture the clean coat is gone on the roof of the car. As the owner says, it is paid for, it runs good, gets good mileage and hasn't required any maintenance beyond oil changes, tires and breaks. The second vehicle was a Can-Am - the details are below the Toyota pictures. Can-AM: While I have been able to do multiple bikes, this was the first Can-Am. Compared to a bike with an exposed engine, this was a bit easier. However, there are are so many body panels and of every shape and design that it takes bit to got them all. There are multiple types of panels from painted, to gloss, matt and standard trim. It took me a while to figure out what order to attack things, but once I got rolling, it came together rather well. The first picture shows the different types of parts and materials that are on the Can-Am. The second picture shows the entire bike. The owner of the Can-Am was pleased with the way it came out and hopefully he'll bring me his Supra to do.
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