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  1. The Upholstery Cleaner does a great job on seat belts, just be forewarned that if it is an older vehicle, you'll need to d the entire seatbelt. Otherwise, the area you cleaned with stand out from the test of it. I like to use a soft bristle brush and a little cleaner goes a long way. You can also use a microfiber cloth that is barely damp with the cleaner and then follow up with dry microfiber.
  2. That's pretty cool and love the "Skeeter" find. I presume you still in the Sumter area? Someday when this Covid stuff gets over and we can run around, we'll have to meet in the big city between us. Good luck with the tree's. We have some near us that are taken care of and they sure seem to produce a lot of nuts and the 2'sh acres or so look so nice with everything aligned and trimmed to perfection. I had to laugh the first time I went to Sumter from Lexington and was told about the 1/2 way point and there is was nice city to stop and relax in. When I got to Eastover and real
  3. Hi Jimmy, I have a few comments on this thread. From the chemical compound aspect, I can tell you that Ultra Shampoo and and Oil can be cleaned up from your garage floor using kitty litter and then APC will help lift it off the concrete. It doesn't matter if it is a 16 oz bottle of Ultra Shampoo or a quarter of Oil, it works for both. I have taken the scientific test to ensure that the theory was correct. As a side note, there are two really nice clean areas on my garage floor from the testing. As for the Chrome cleaner, while I am always looking for improvements, I have to s
  4. I prefer Spray Wax on the side windows and back window, everything else gets Graphene Detail Spray at this point. I have been using Spray Wax on the side windows and rear window for about 5 months and have found it holds up well for one to two weeks, it doesn't streak when the window goes up or down and has a nice reflective property from the outside.
  5. For the ease of cleaning tires and wheels I use the Wheel & Tire Cleaner. It does a very good job and you only need one product to cover both items. For high end wheels and the ones that are coated, I use Eco Wheel Cleaner the separate Tire & Rubber Cleaner. The Eco Wheel Cleaner does not have the harsh smell for one and I have less concern about it stripping anything I've previously done to wheels. When I get steel wheels or ones that are corroded or just not take care of years, then I pull out the regular Wheel Cleaner. The stuff stinks, but it will take off the nasti
  6. The first thing is to find out if it is truly etched into the surface or on the surface. Since it is a Glass surface, I would try a small area using Brilliant Glaze. If nothing else it will ensure there is no chemical residue remaining on it. If that doesn't work, I'd suggest contacting the manufacturer to see if you can use #0000 steel wool on it. I use that on windows on a regular basis and it does not scratch itself, yet will take out light scratches and waterspots on the glass. However, I have not used it on a Tempered Glass cooktop, so I do not know if there would be any adverse effe
  7. If you plan on doing detailing on a regular basis it is well worth getting a Swirl Killer. It will last you many years and your family will love what you can do with vehicles. Then if you get ambitious you can make a few dollars on the side by detailing vehicles. Just practice before you start having people pay, paint jobs are rather expensive.
  8. Here's the information that I was provided. The item in the box once assembled will occupy approximately 77,760 cubic inches. That was at least a hint stating that it requires assembly, therefore it is most likely larger than the box. However, it was again confirmed that the contents are Red. From what I can see on the outside, it is a couple of feet square and a few feet tall, but it I have no way of knowing if it is on its side or upright. I was hoping for a new 52" wide toolbox, but the box isn't that big.
  9. I received a box today and was told that I don't get to open it until my birthday, which is in about a month. It is a pretty good sized box and all I've been told is that it contains something Red and that I'll like it - honestly, is that much of hint for me? I know it isn't a new vehicle or even a play vehicle, the box is not that big, but it is much bigger than a breadbox. Now, everyone on the forum can start thinking about what it might be and wait to find out along with me.
  10. Welcome to the Forum Zane. Rich has you covered with information above. Don't hesitate to ask questions, that is what we are all here for.
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