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  1. The Adam’s chemists hit a home run with the Graphene coatings combined with their Graphene shampoo and Graphene Detail Spray. The Graphene shampoo does an excellent job at knocking all grime off the vehicle, including bugs. Then the Graphene details spray can be used as a drying aide or just to make it spotless after a week in the garage. The two of them have become my favorite products for washing coated vehicles.
  2. The Graphene Shampoo also works good on bugs and sap on Ceramic Spray Coated vehicles based on how many bugs and sap my daughter used to get on her Jag. One a Graphene Spray Coated vehicle, the Graphene Shampoo easily takes the bugs off. I have not had a Graphene coated vehicle get sap yet, but based on how easily the bugs come off, I suspect it will be similar. The more I use the Graphene Shampoo, the more I like it.
  3. Concur with Michael and Chris. While it does not smell bad at all, I will recommend leaving the windows open for a couple hours after applying it, especially if you have someone sensitive to various smells.
  4. Welcome to the Forum.
  5. The newest member of the family arrived at the dealer on Wednesday and was at my house on Thursday evening. The best part is that dealer never touched the body or interior, not even to remove the transport markings or tape. The only thing the deal did was remove the transport protective film. I washed it on Friday morning and continued Friday evening, Saturday and finished it this morning. The Ford Escape Hybrid Titanium edition, replaces the daughters Jag since the mileage and fuel cost was taking a serious chunk of her funds. Running between four restaurants she was burning about $100 in fuel every 3 days. Why she chose to punish me with another black vehicle, I don't know. I believe this is the first vehicle that I did not have to clay as the starting point, I did multiple baggie tests and it was as smooth as could be. There was not even a mushed bug on this vehicle, so it was nice at a great starting point. As for correcting, it had one small area on one back door that needed a little extra help, otherwise finishing polish was all that it needed. The first picture is before I started washing it on Friday morning. The next two are when I pulled it out of the garage this morning after getting Graphene Spray Coating top to bottom.
  6. Hi Al, While I have not experienced this problem with the Graphene Detail Spray, but I have experienced something similar with another product, albeit multiple years ago. The problem was that I had let the product get too hot. I was keeping the product exposed in my garage which can get 95 or 35c or more during the summer. I have not had the problem since I started storing my products in a climate controlled room. I don't know it this is the cause of you problem, but I do know it has been rather hot across Alberta recently.
  7. Welcome to the Forum Andrew. You always want to use the least aggressive method possible and then use something more aggressive if that does not do what is needed. Some areas of the vehicle may require one level and other areas may require something else.
  8. I keep my opened bottles of coatings in a small container in a climate controlled room always ensuring the sun can't get to it. I do like @mc2hillcanning jar method - thanks for passing that on.
  9. @07stanggt showed some really good examples of how you can correct a vehicle, but the techniques are not learned overnight, just take your time. One other point, don't try to chase perfection, it does exist except maybe on those few mega-dollar show cars. The kit you received should have came with Spray Wax, it does a good job and will put some shine on a vehicle, but more important than shine is protection. This picture is from a couple of years ago and was the Wife's Malibu with over 100,000 miles on it. Also, contact Adam's Customer Support, they are the best there is and they will make it right. As for towels, there is no such thing as having too many. Adam's Borderless Gray are my go to towels and my first purchase was just a couple of them and then I bought a 24 pack. With the towels you also need to get the Microfiber revitalizer and be sure to follow the instructions: https://adamspolishes.com/products/adam-s-microfiber-revitalizer-brightener With proper care the towels will last a long time and ensure you don't add additional marks when washing and drying.
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