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  1. @Dan@Adams This was the low pressure compressor sprayer style.
  2. @SgtLip my buddy's Jeep is not in the best shape in regards to exterior. Its typically washed irregularly and not sure its been waxed more than one or two times. The over spray is the entire drivers side of the car and roof so the whole car will be getting the same treatment just be consistent. I will see if i can get a close up picture.
  3. I was not able to find the info I was after by using the search function but if someone already covered this please dont heckle. My buddy has 2013 Jeep Patriot (black) that his house painters did not cover when painting his house. Needless to say the whole drivers side of the car are covered in blue dots including the glass. What is the way to start this project? thx, J
  4. Falcaineer, The material is most def not alcantara, haha. Silly hybrids and their eco build materials for the interior.
  5. Need some help to identify the best product to use on the faux leather or permatex seats. I found a mark on the rear seat but am not too sure what product would work best for cleaning since its not cloth or leather. thx,
  6. Thanks for the replies everyone. I have thought about modding my current brush but decided against that till i get either a second one or Adam's makes one specifically for narrow fender/wheel gaps. Toilet brush??? Never thought of that but will have to check it out. This could be a whole new world for me at Target 😀
  7. I'm sure this has been brought up before but..... it would awesome to have maybe a little bit thinner handle/head or shorter bristle brush for scrubbing fender liners.
  8. I know that products have been color coordinated for easy/best use but are the pads actually different densities? thx, jstaples17
  9. I appreciate everyone's answers. It seems on social media that foaming your car including the engine bay is "The Thing" to do now and i was a bit skeptical.
  10. @ObsessedDetailer i would agree with that thought as well. I own a Hybrid so any more input on what to be careful of? @shane@detailedreflections do you have any helpful ideas or tips?
  11. The title should be pretty straight forward. Can you? Should you? Besides the always electrical concerns if you do what else should you be watching for? thx, Jordan
  12. red94chev, Great idea and thank you. On a white car its even that much more of a challenge.
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