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  1. I believe @DetailGiant has the leather air fresheners in stock if you are still looking
  2. If this is not allowed please delete https://www.obsessedgarage.com/collections/sunjoe-accessories/products/adapter-for-ar-blue-sunjoe-other-m22-15mm
  3. So here is the solution I came up with. Just a loop of black cord. I also bought some rubber edge trim from Amazon to keep the racks from scratching the polishers.
  4. I just received the new polishing station as a gift and I'm a little dumbfounded they didn't design a cord holder into this product like the older polisher holders have at the bottom. Anyone have the new polisher station setup? What are you doing as a solution for the cord?
  5. I had an issue at work a few weeks ago before the Black Friday Sale went up where every time I went to adamspolishes.com the antivirus on my corporate PC would suddenly block all internet access on the machine until it was rebooted. The IT department traced it back to adamspolishes.com and told me to avoid that site. The issue went away once the Black Friday stuff went live. Don't know if this was the same issue or not as the OP was having.
  6. I'm sure they would too but that's not why I posted. I would like to see them to do the right thing and warn people this will happen by properly labeling the bottle.
  7. I appreciate the offer Chris but that is totally unnecessary, thank you though
  8. This is a product feedback forum and I came to leave my feedback. Jump all over me all you want I could care less. I think Adam's should include some kind of hint on the bottle that the specific towel they recommended you to use for the process will permanently be altered. I would not have used the towel I did had I known that before hand. I took the time to read their label and instructions prior to use. It's my choice to be anal about the things I spend top dollar for and I'm letting the company holding my dollars know how I feel.
  9. No the fibers aren't ruined and the towel is still usable but will now be dedicated to this task alone which I wasn't planning on.
  10. Whites, colors, wheel/engine towels in separate loads using Adam's MF Wash on a delicate cycle with warm water and cold rinse. Dried in the drier on the air only/delicate cycle
  11. And if it stains towels it will most likely stain clothing as well. People should know this before using the product.
  12. It would have been nice to have known ahead of time. I certainly would have used a different towel. Yes the towel can still be used but that's not the point, Adam's goes out of the way to specify a specific towel, and not exactly a cheap one at that, they could at least tell me my towel will never look the same again before I use the product.
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