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  1. I think they had just been used for half a car before. I used it on bumpers, mirrors, and roof line of my Edge and touched up around door handles and such when the 15mm was too big. Maybe it was too much pressure. Most of it was just weight of the machine and my hand but I had a few scratches and spots that I put a little more weight on. I'll have to order another set and if they fall apart after 1-2 cars, I'll just try a different type of pad for it. Thanks for the response, Chris.
  2. Did I overheat these pads? I checked them regularly during polishing and they never felt hot, or even overly warm. The foam is splitting between the hook and loop and the face of the pad. Has anyone else had this happen? These are the 3.5". I believe it happened to the 5.5" as well but not nearly as bad.
  3. Go for a Sport/ST. The power is awesome. 315HP/350TQ. First boosted car, twins are awesome lol. It hurts the mpg but I wanna go fast lol. I had only driven Ford work trucks and the quality in those is crap. This car is so nice though. We love it. The size and looks were huge selling points for us as well.
  4. Got the car back a couple weeks ago but I just found time for a quick wash. I used the Red Unicorn Soap and dried with Cyber Monday Cranberry Detail Spray. It needs polished so bad. I cannot wait to find the time. Hopefully next week/weekend. I also debadged the back hatch. No more junk stuck around letters!
  5. CarMax will be fixing the chipped/flaky paint along with all other scratches/chips/dings including curb rash on the wheels. This will delay my paint correction and Graphene Ceramic Coating but I will have a way better starting point when this is all complete. Stand by for before/during/after pictures.
  6. I asked them not to touch the paint but they still put the bow on it. The hood is covered in scratches/swirls but so is the whole car. I knew it would need polished anyway. I plan on correcting the paint and using Graphene Ceramic on everything. I only had time to hand wash and spray wax before we left for the weekend but it cleaned up well. CarMax has to fix a few issues (see flaky paint below, hoping for a repaint) before I work on polishing and coating. I can tell it's going to look amazing when it's all cleaned up.
  7. Our Kia Forte was totaled around the end of January. We were looking for a smallish SUV. The top contenders were Jeep Compass and Mazda CX-5. I looked for Crossover/SUVs with Turbo Charged engines and this popped up. It was right at the top of our budget but I figured we could at least test drive it. I found a local Edge Sport in white to test drive before paying CarMax to transfer the red one. One wide open pull out of the parking lot was all we needed to decide on this car. We didn't even test drive anything else. The 2.7TT EcoBoost is amazing and with 29k miles, it's nearly new.
  8. It does smell a lot better. I don't think either scent lingers after being rinsed off though.
  9. The abbreviations are here. The forum used to allow you to hover over the acronym and it would so the full name. Maybe that's something the admins can look into.
  10. Happy to see the forum is back. It's been tough finding something else to kill time during work lol
  11. I just felt that for the amount paid, I should be the one to damage it. I'll keep the replacement that comes. I just hope it's in better condition. This is the first item that I've gotten from Adam's that wasn't packed that well. I assume Adam's receives them already boxed up though so it's not really thier fault.
  12. I figured. No harm, no foul. I'm trying not to taste it. I think something was Sugar Cookie last winter and it was one of my favorite scents then too
  13. I think it was just typos in the label. I actually love the smell. It's in our main bathroom. There were a couple smells that were off to me but it's possible I felt that way because my nose didn't know what it was supposed to be smelling. I love the peppermint CS3.
  14. Good tip. I dropped it off last night and didn't do that but I'll remember to do that with future things I have to ship. I'm hoping the next one is in good shape and arrives before the 4th. The box had definitely been beat around. I was a little surprised at the lack of packaging. The stool was just in a plastic bag and it seemed like the box was a smidge too small. It would be nice to have a little bit of paper stuffing to protect it a little more.
  15. I ordered the stool. It's very sturdy and would have been a great addition to my garage. It was beat up when I received it though. Powdercoating was scratched off and it was starting to rust. Once of the brackets that attached to the leg was bent and scratched off a bunch of powdercoating the first time I opened it. I emailed customer service and they provided a return label. I said I'd like a replacement if this is not normal for the stools but I guess it's the normal condition for them since they just provided a return label. I'm pretty disappointed because this seems like it is way better than a cheap version from Home Depot or similar. Edit: I printed the Return Authorization to fill out and it looks like I have the option to have it replaced. I'll try that option. Hopefully the new one can arrive by Dec 4 since I'm detailing a huge car (pictures to come).
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