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  1. Anyone ever use one of these? Been a great vac for me. Probably going to get rid of it. I am wanting something that mounts on the wall.
  2. Great looking logo! That is next for me as soon as I pick the new shops name. Got to find someone though with the expertise to design one.
  3. I had a heated discussion with a close friend and fellow detailer today about me switching product lines. Not even sure if the conversation did any good but here are my inputs on the so many different brands of detailing products and the companies that sell them. My friend first off seems to think for example that there is a separate little factory for each brand of tire gel or tire shine out there that the different companies make. I am sure if that was the case we would not have a employment office in this country of ours. However I am sure that companies like Adams spend countless hours coming up with different formulations to make their product unique. It may be a different color, scent, texture the list can go on and on. To my knowledge and I might not be 100% correct on this but I only knew of one company that made most of their products and they didn't do private labeling. In my years doing this I have tried almost every chemical out there. What I have learned is a lot of them are pretty similar , yes some might be the exact same product as another brand just diluted more or labeled different and what I mean by this is that its for a different job. One company in particular that comes to mind I see 15 different soaps , leather cleaner is so similar to all purpose cleaner that I sure wouldn't bet that they are different..lol So like explained to my friend. What do I look for in a company when ordering my supplies. First I would most preferably like it to be a one stop shop. My job becomes so much easier when I can go to one place to buy everything. Customer Service is probably top on the list, Product Development, I don't treat my customers like numbers and I also don't want to be treated like a number. I know its a business but I like it to be personal. They say it can ruin a business but I have had good luck with it. So if it fails I will have a lot of friends and a few enemies..lol So to my point on why I chose Adams! I had been searching the internet for 16 ounce bottles for my business. I like using the smaller size for some reason. I came across Adams from a referral from the wifes uncle. My first order was a 40.00 order. When that order came 2 of the bottles was broke at the threads. I called Adams and they just didn't replace them they asked what kind of chemical I was putting in them. They sent me their chemicals in the bottles which meant a lot to me. Dan at Adams knows what kind of vehicles I have, what part of West Virginia I live in. What is so special about that is I didn't tell him. HE ASKED! They don't treat people like numbers. Does Adams have everything I need to run my business? No, but the direction I see them going I am sure little by little they will fill all my needs and until then the other products I use will be in their bottles. The other company I used to deal with treated me like a number and lost 10 grand a year of business. Adams treated me like a person and gained it. I sure hope they stay this way!
  4. Every time I try and log in I have to reset my password. If I leave the forum and then try to come back in. The message says wrong password .
  5. shewwww. ...I will be awhile then...lol..guess these products will set around for awhile..lol thanks for the info.
  6. Hello I am farily new to the site. I have a few items I would like to trade for Adams products. The items I have are not 1 is a flex brand and the others are Rupes brand detailing products. Is this allowed? if so why cant I post on the garage forum?
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