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  1. Dear Dan, 

    I've been a customer for the past 10-15 years and my cabinet is filled with Adam's products, which I consider to be the best in the detailing business. I have a suggestion for eliminating the responses you've received about not being able to reach customer service. 

    One of those "nasty grams" was from me. 

    The next time you realize that your customer service team is going to be short staffed, (surely no one expects 3 people to handle half a million calls) have your IT dept. insert a script right at the login page explaining briefly what the issues are and that you're working to correct them as quickly as possible. If they choose to place a online order they can do so, and for their inconvenience of not being able to talk to a customer service representative your including, free of charge, a trial size package of one, two, or three items, or free shipping.

    Everyone seems to understand communication issues better when the owner of the company also understands the frustration of his customers and he's willing to offer something for their loyal support, and their continued business, especially when it's free. 

    Regards, Jerry Rizzo, Libertyville, IL.   

    1. Emery@Adams




      I am very sorry getting in contact with us has been a bit more difficult of lately!


      Shoot me an email at emery@adamspolishes.com and I can assist you.


      Looking forward to hearing from you!




      Emery Cannon

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