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  1. Anymore word on this Dan? I appreciate it ..... just wondering if it is still a possibility
  2. Great! Hope it comes out. I’ll need two if they do
  3. Great idea, I’ll try it today as I am gonna be using the blaster and have a pool hose handy. Thanks!
  4. I guess making something work is a option. I’d just like it if I could say remove the flat nozzle off the end of the hose then install another small extension hose then put the nozzle back on. You get what I’m saying? If there was a easy coupler I could slap the hose on and off when needed and not have to store it on the hose hanger that is made of the blaster mount. I’m like 10ft short of what I need so I guess if not a coupler a 40ft hose option would be nice as well.
  5. Just wondering if Adam's has ever thought of making a coupler to put two of the air cannon hoses together? I have 3 air cannons mounted to the wall and I don't really like taking them down but Im always just a tad short on the hose and could just make it to where I wanted to be with just a little bit more hose. If there was a coupler that we could join two hoses together so I could add a 16ft hose to the 30ft hose it would be great! Adding tow 30ft hoses together would be cool as well.
  6. Is 16oz hand sanitizer selling well? Or is it coming to end of production by Adam's? I can't ever seem to catch it in stock. I see the price has drastically been cut which may be the reason I can't seem to catch it in stock. We use it at our Towing Company so we go through it regularly. Ordered some Gallons this morning but all the drivers really like the 16oz size
  7. Yea didn't even think of the BOGO sale and still adjusting to the Covid thing. You guys are doing the best you can and are still one of the BEST companies I have ever dealt with concerning online purchases
  8. Must have spoke to soon .... it appears we are back to a snails pace ....maybe the riots have slowed things down?
  9. Truth! They will clean so easily after being coated
  10. Thought you only wanted to polish to fix imperfections? There is some orange peel in the paint but no swirls or anything. I really wanted to polish but since it was new I was a little scared since the car was so expensive. I did all of this coating about 2 years ago and have been working on my polishing skills on my truck and other things (See the Craftsman Cabinet doors below. I was just under the impression that unless it had flaws polish wouldn’t do much, guess I need to polish out the orange peel?
  11. Oops sorry about the door panel pic. I did use the new interior ceramic on it though
  12. I did strip and clay it but didn’t do any polishing. I actually prefer a little orange peel to a finish. I clayed then strip washed and clayed again. The next day I used surface prep before applying ceramic coating. I let it cure 2 days and looked for missed spots or anything that I may have not removed. I then did the spray ceramic letting it cure between each coat 2 days. I then applied ceramic paste wax. I then washed and used air cannon to dry before putting bead maker as the final coat. I now do my washes with ceramic wash and every so often with wash and wax. I do put a coat of bead make
  13. Dewalt 20v I keep behind the seat of my wrecker. I can't stand dirt around my feet. It isn't the strongest in the world but I use it daily keeping the sand off of the WeatherTecs and I have to charge it or slap a new battery pack in about once a month
  14. Must have sold very quickly. Im not able to locate it on Amazon
  15. Cadillac CTSv that has been Clay Barred,Ceramic Coated, then Spray Ceramic Coated, then Ceramic Waxed and I put some BeadMaker on it but it still won't pop like I think it should. Did I apply to many products? It beads water like crazy but I just can't get that shine like I want it. Any ideas? I can't get above a 98.6 on a shine meter either? I just want to crack 100 on it and I would settle
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