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  1. Coming home after 3 weeks away I found I have dried tree sap down the side of my car. What’s the best way to remove it? IPA, goo gone, clay bar or clay mitt? Help!!
  2. Don't know if this will help or not but I used Paint Finishing Polish and a white pad on the 44 year old plexiglas rear window in my hardtop. I was a little nervous but as swirled up as the window was I really couldn't hurt it. Forgot - used a PC7424 polisher. Before After
  3. Voted!!!! You're ahead 46% to 35% Beautiful car and Good Luck
  4. Thanks for all the nice comments. The car has been repainted once BC/CC - don't know when. Don't have a lot of history on the car before 1990. The clear coat is as hard as a rock, hence not a lot of full body shots. My original Adam's kit was the 3 step one - just got the 2 step kit with new microfiber pads. Working on it now and will post results as I finish up. Lots of nicks and scratches, but that's OK. It doesn't sit in the garage. I drive the wheels off it!! The 2 step kit really did a great job in clearing up the original plexiglass window in my hardtop. Haven't pulled the top to do the inside yet but if the outside is any indication it will turn out great. Thanks Adam's!
  5. Just a few shots of my 1965 two top convertable 327/365 HP 4 speed. All matching numbers. Only non-matching items are the carb & alternator (original alt in box in garage to be sent out for rebuild). Not too bad for a 48 year old. Body by Chevrolet - shine by Adam's.
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