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  1. This was one wild and frustrating winter. I was rear ended in mid-December by a guy who was inattentive, and completely missed the turquoise coupe stopped at the light (read: me). I knew that it was going to be a battle when he attempted to offer me $1000 to repair the bumper. That was not going to fly, and then he told me that there was a "problem with [his] insurance," on that specific vehicle (late 1980's GMC panel truck). I figured that this was going to be an uninsured motorist claim, so I advised my own insurance company, and forwarded them the dash cam footage that has be stopped at the
  2. I had been delaying the inevitable for a few weeks now, since it was oppressively hot, and my car had to go in for its yearly maintenance last week, I bit the bullet and washed off all of the dust, grime, and other pollutants that had landed on the paint surface. I was planning on using WW, but I inspected the paint and found that there was just too much for the WW. I do have to say, I love using BG on the windows and lights, as it adds just a little bit extra over DS.
  3. Yesterday, I finally took the time to get some of the dust off of my toy as it is sitting in the garage. I washed the wheels first with a 1:1 eAPC for the tires, wheels, wheel well, and surrounding panels. Then, I hit the tires with TRC, followed by WC. After that, I used UF soap, but I had to act quickly as the sun was strong, but the washing step seems to be the quickest part of the process. After rinsing, I immediately brought the car inside the garage to cool down and dry off, using DS as the lubricant. Following that, I waxed all panels w
  4. I love the car, but the dealership’s action are not proper. I would probably speak to the Service Manager first to see what happened. By chance, do you record your odometer readings before and after service, or notice what the fuel level was? On another note, I wanted to get the dust off of the car, so I hit it with some WW and followed by BG. BG is amazing and the car looks like the day that I picked it up from the dealer.
  5. Finall got my hand on my SO’s Outback. And now it is properly clean. And I went the extra mile and applied some VRT to all of those trim panels. It was very satisfying.
  6. They don't have any grit to them as they are brand new (got them in bulk from Harbor Freight). However, now I know that the WW does work on wheels!
  7. Would generic shop towels be ok for that then? Or should I use something like the utility towel?
  8. I saw the dilution ratios for the Rinseless Wash, I'm assuming that no dilution is necessary for the Waterless Wash?
  9. Yesterday, I was planning on doing a full detail of my car, but it started to rain, so I switched my plan to using Waterless Wash. While I was "washing," I was wondering, what would be the best way to clean the wheels when I'm using WW? Could I use WW on the wheels or just skip them until my next full wash?
  10. It is so satisfying when I hit the wheels with water first to get the loose dirt/dust off and it is just rivers of brown running down the driveway.
  11. As the title states, I've noticed that the Revive Hand Polish is out of stock, and for those of us who don't have a machine polisher, will the hand polish be coming back or is it "off the table"?
  12. With some nice mild temps and no rain for a few days, it was time to rid myself of the various dirt and aerosolized tar (paving a road .5 miles from me). I ended up using the W&W soap today on the rest of the car, but for the wheels, it was still a multi-step process of using: T&R Cleaner, Eco APC and WC.
  13. Yesterday, the weather conditions actually allowed me to properly wash my car as it was 78F instead of the normal 98-104F that it has been out here, so I wasn't afraid to add in a cycle of IR. And I got to use the IP for the first time.
  14. As the title indicates, I had a vacation day that I had scheduled for today, mainly because I need to use a pile of them before the end of the year, so I gave my newest toy a full on detail today. 1. Engine Bay Cleaning Since this was going to be a full-out detail session, I diluted some APC at a 1:1 and used my new iK foaming sprayer that came last week. I do have to say, I was nervous about lightly hosing down my engine bay, but there is so much plastic and the wires/cables are wrapped up that I just needed to make sure that I didn't use the hose at full pressure. A
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