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  1. Wohoo 🥳 Glad to see the forum is back up and running!!!
  2. Ahh man that stinks! I've been pretty fortunate that mine are usually in good condition, but I've a few like yours. For recent stickers, I'm looking for the recent vivid release stickers, and also the round camo sticker from memorial day. But I'm open to any Adam's sticker that I don't already have!
  3. That's an nice collection of older bottles. Are you looking for any regular products for them? The white Canada is one of my all time favorite scents, though most people find that one unpleasant lol.
  4. Bump for the sticker trading thread!! The first picture is my sticker collection. And the second picture is my extras available for trade. Let’s see what you have!
  5. Bump for the sticker thread! Anyone have any stickers to trade? Let’s see em!!
  6. Looking to trade either regular products or Limiteds for a 250k, 350k, or both. I also have new shirts and sweatshirts I would considering trading as well.
  7. I think we saw that last year, I think I heard it was just a bit of extra stock that was held to cover any shipping mishaps. But if you’re looking for one don’t wait, the blankets are amazing!!
  8. I definitely recommend a sidekick. They're extremely powerful for their size and have several uses. If you have a small car or its coated you can essentially dry the whole car with one. Either way they're great for wheels and door jamb areas. I've also seen a video of using the cone attachment and blowing the water out of the water hose after you're done washing so your water hose doesn't freeze or get mold/mildew.
  9. I guess they really got a lot of wheel cleaner in stock they need to clear out 😂
  10. Hey Tom, sent you a PM.
  11. I have a new unused 16 oz and also a gallon of Ceramic Boost. Did you have anything else to trade besides the patriot wax & detail spray gallon?
  12. Bump for the sticker thread!! I have the stickers below available for trade if you see any you need!
  13. I’ve got some extra products for trade that I’ve gotten in some of the recent mystery items. All bottles and gallons below are for trade. I also have Americana wax, grey applicators, single & double soft towels, borderless grey towels, waterless wash towels, and ultra plush drying towels to trade. Things I’m looking for: 4” or 5.5” pads, stickers, triple soft towels, shirts/sweatshirt (L or XL), Air Fresheners, Bug Remover, Sprayable Compound, Limited Editions, Billet Coin Top Patriot wax (new or used), ceramic paste wax (new or used).
  14. Air freshener Mystery Boxes!! Maybe come in packs of 3, 5, 10, or 25?
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