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  1. Thanks for the help and moving to correct place! I love the feedback.
  2. Hi All, During the snow, Ive been thinking about wax! What does anyone with an old car with original paint use to detail? I've clayed, and use Buttery wax. I want it to really shine! I have an older Pontiac (1966 Catalina convertible) I still have factory paint! The color is called Blue Charcoal. I want it to really shine like new. I'm afraid to go with ceramics due to it being a more permanent option. What does everyone use? Thank you
  3. Oh man! Don't do this to me...I was looking at great whites, now ultra plush...where will it end!!!!! Thanks for all the great feedback. Keep it coming.
  4. Ok. I'm in! I'll buy a couple and see if it makes it better to dry. Thanks
  5. Thanks. I didn't think about the blower being non filtered as a lot of folks have said. Maybe I'll just suck it up and buy the master blaster thing. I love every part of detailing my vehicles except drying them for some reason! Everything but drying is very therapeutic for me.
  6. I really like it. So far it outshines everything I've done in the past...3M pink and tan glaze, Whestley's mirror finish, Buttery Wax, Adam's and Griot's polish. The ceramic was also very easy to put on and take off.
  7. Hi, I'm newer here and just started to look around. So I apologize if this has already been discussed at length. I have a question for the group: I don't think I need a Master Blaster dryer. Too expensive and it will only do one thing. I don't want the corded smaller blaster either. In the past, I have used my gas leaf blower to dry my car. It works great, but you smell like exhaust afterwards! Has anyone used a cordless blower to dry a vehicle? How did it work, and what brand/model did you use? I've been looking at a Ryobi blower. It's cordless and I could also ha
  8. Hi everyone, Just a couple questions on the ceramic wax... I've been using Meguire's, Griot's, and Adams' stuff for years. (plus tire foam and glass cleaners etc. from Walmart and Advance Auto) I'm almost all transitioned to Adams! I love the buttery wax and the H2O Guard and gloss. I recently tried the tire shine which I feel lasts longer than Armor All tire foam. I have a Flex and a Porter Cable 1424 buffer and use the Adams polishing stuff with them. I did the ceramic liquid wax after stripping all wax, adding iron remover, clay bar-ing, and polishing. I followed
  9. I'm new to the forum, but have been using Buttery Wax for years! I just stepped up to ceramic and my car really shines more! Here's a mirror gloss pic with me waving in the chrome!!
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