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  1. It takes time and practice man. Just don't keep practicing on your own vehicle.
  2. So I Maintenced washed my car this morning before the sun came out so I can work in the shade in my driveway. Just needed car shampoo to clean the wheels and tires, wheels are ceramic spray coated and the tires have what will stick VRT. I think these tires will never dress the way I want them to but I can get a flat black look out of them after 2 coats and than wiping the dressing down so they don't run all over the place. I except defeat and I don't think anyone in here has experience with Extreme Contact tire and know how to get them correct. Maybe one day someone will see this thread and figured it out, but for now I'll just have to except that Adam's Polishes hasn't figured out these tires and what products currently or what has to be developed into a new set of products to get these tires to look show car ready. They look basically clean and track ready so I'll just live with that. đŸ˜‘
  3. Welcome to the forum and Adams Products. Not everyone gets all the scratches out. Swirls and light scratches yes but some of the deep ones you might not want to get out. You only have so much clear coat on your car. Not worth making it absolutely perfect and then have thin clear coat or basically none at all. Buffing is an art and takes a lot of practice to get right. I suggest picking up some panels at a junk yard and practice on them. So if you burn them up who cares your learning. Once you get your technic down , then go back and go over your personal car. You already protected it , why waste it? Let the protection wear out, then make a decision if it's worth trying to make it better. Polish can do wonders to paint to make it look great but can't get out all the deeper stuff compound car. There is a price , remember you can cut your paint down and ruin it so practice first.
  4. So there was a local Car Show near my house today and I had to check out all the different tires dressed. Suppirse all the Continental tires where the most un even dressed tires out of all other brands. There is something to the compound they are using or the molding process that causes this. Michelin Pilot Sport 4 S on the new Vette's seem to dress just fine as well as many other brands I saw.
  5. Thanks guys, CS3 is absolutely my favorite Adams product. I like everything they make but CS3 is a special product. In ways I don't want anyone to touch it and possibly make is worse. It's such a good product. If Graphene does in fact make it better in the future, I'm all in. Anyway I have a Pitch Black car and I don't like to not put something on it after every wash which is usually once a week. I have not noticed any build up but I will use Detail Spray on bi weeks so I'm not using CS3 every wash. My car beads water so well when I wash it the soap beads off while I use the foam cannon and when I'm hand washing. It's kinda cool as it's beading so well. Rinsing is a breeze as the soap just falls right off.
  6. What's awesome about coated wheels is the ease of cleaning and the brake dust just doesn't stick. You don't have to use wheel cleaners anymore unless you don't clean your wheels for months and have high performance brakes that coat your wheels in brake dust. I wash my car every week unless it's raining or something else prevents this. I don't allow things to get in the way as it's important to me to have that time to spend washing my car. It's the best escape from the world. Anyway I use the 3 bucket method meaning 2 for the wash and 1 for the wheels and tires alone. I use Adam's Car Shampoo slightly heavier then what you would use to wash your car so more like 3 or 4 ounces instead of around 2 to 3 . I use an edgeless micro fiber towel, I have the wheel glove but I don't think it works as good as the Micro fiber towel does. I have 2 wheel woolies, lug nut brush and a tire brush all in the bucket. I use a gas Honda Pressure washer unless my car is only dusty then just a hose , I rinse the wheels and tires down first , then sit on a bucket seat and use the tire brush with just the soapy water. Then I use the wheel woolies to get the barrel and then switch to the smaller one to get behind the spokes. I use the micro fiber towel to wash the wheel. This whole process per wheel takes only a few minutes or less. I can clean all 4 wheels in probably 5 minutes or less. Once I'm finished washing the entire car, I use a leaf blower to get the water out of all the cracks before I dry.I blow dry all 4 wheels so when I'm ready for tire dressing, there is no dripping water from the lug nuts or barrel etc. I will use Detail Spray or CS3 lightly as a drying agent. After the car is dry I pull into the garage and hit the jams with CS3 or detail spray. Since I do this every wash, it's a breeze to clean the jams. They are nice and slippery and since I blew the car , there isn't a lot of water left in there. So this is a easy step. Once I go around the car with Detail spray or CS3 to check for water marks or runs, I get my bucket seat and sit down with CS3 or detail spray and go over the wheels for water marks and give them a super quick coating . Again this takes minutes for all 4 wheels. I tire dress sometimes before or after this step. I use a foam tire sponge so I usually don't get anything on the wheels I don't spray tire dressing I use VRT which is in a squeezable bottle. Once you have your wheels coated for the first time, you will never go without doing it. I have brembo brakes on one car and Audi S4 brakes on another which is the worse with brake dust. Now with coated wheels, I can use the above methods instead of constantly using wheel cleaner and tire cleaner to clean the wheels and tires. I feel it also saves money as I'm not going through bottle after bottle.
  7. Awesome write up. Clears a lot of things up. I'm one of those people who are on the fence about using an actual coating so I stick to the spray coatings. I feel safer using them.
  8. Cool We are very low on VRT so I'll replace it with Graphene Tire dressing.
  9. I'd like to pick up some of the Graphene Detail spray IF it's better then CS3 . CS3 works so nice and is such a pleasure to use. I went through 2 16 oz and 1 12 oz bottle before I went with a gallon. I have been using CS3 since it came out years ago, it's just fantastic. I have no idea how long it will actually last as a topper which I gotta assume only a few weeks or less. Still waiting for someone who actually knows.
  10. I have been using VRT for years and love that dressing. It's my go. Since the Graphene dressing was released, I'm wondering if i should try it out? I have 3 cars 2 with the DWS06 tires and one with Michelins which dress perfectly with VRT. Have you guys tried it out yet?
  11. No, As said above, I took that suggestion from another member. It did help as I don't plan on doing that every time I wash my car. I don't actually plan on using that method. Rubber and tire cleaner or Wheel and tire cleaner is all I should ever need to clean the tires. Honestly all my other tires I have used VRT on, I'm able each week to just put Car Shampoo in my tire bucket and clean my wheels and tires with just a microfiber towel in the soapy solution. I have a few Barrel brushes from Adams, I have the lug nut brush but I only need to use those tools maybe once or so a month. The Micro Fiber rag, I can get in there with my hand and just use the soap and my wheels and tires stay perfectly clean and protected. The wheels are spray coated as well which makes the Brembo Brake dust a non issue. I can clean them with the same Car Shampoo and it's awesome. Going back to the Tar remover, No it does not leave a film, I only used it once on each tire and it improve the ability of the dressing to be applied. It's not perfect but it's a lot better. I also followed up with the 50/50 cut of Wheel and tire cleaner which is how I use it on all my cars. I don't need it straight. I only used it straight the first 3 times I have cleaned these tires. They have 150 miles on them.
  12. So for the sheer hell of it, it's raining all weekend so I'm most likely not going to take the car out of the garage, I put a 3rd layer on the tires and before I rub it in with a microfiber towel, I'll let it sit all day and see what happens now. I used a Tire sponge as usual to apply and I put it on thin. I use 1 to 2 lines and rub it in with the sponge and only apply more if It's not going on even. Here is how they look after just being applied with the sponge, they will look very different later on today.
  13. As you can see from the above pic's, they are a flat back. Better looking then the dry rubber look but they only get slight tinted. The Dressing even on the first coat and then sitting in the garage overnight without driving it, all the lettering will have a dressing mess around them. I use a Adams Tire Sponge which works awesome, I have a used one and several brand new ones, I keep a few on hand. I also don't mix my dressings. I label all my Sponges and only use them with 1 tire dressing or the tire armor. I have water based and oil based dressings. This is what it does before I wipe them down at least 8 hours later
  14. Ok, Thanks for all the tips and tricks. So as another follow up. I did use Wheel and Tire cleaner full strength for the first cleaning. Then I dried the tire and used the Adams Tar Remover which seemed to clean off some of the shiny clear coat looking stuff that was making the dressing very un even. Then after that cleaning I rinsed the tires down and then used my usual 50/50 cut Wheel and tire cleaner on them. I have a Adams Pump sprayer that really foams up nicely when you cut it 50/50. This cleaning was clear, no brown , no dirt no nothing came off the tires at this point as the rubber was a clean as I could get it. I also use a Adams Tire brush for scrubbing. They now can hold a very thin layer of VRT and they look like a flat black, not really satin like VRT usually does but if I put another layer on top, the tires do reject it. It just makes a smeary mess and I have to wipe it off. I know it sounds crazy, I have been dressing tires for over 35 years and the DWS06 are the only tires I have ever seen react to tire dressing like this. Our other set is 2 years old, have been cleaned each week of those 2 years and they react the same exact way, actually worse. I got the new ones to at least hold a light coat of dressing and I can live with that. I wish you guys could fool with them yourselves so you can see how mental it feels to work with this strange compound tire. I would have returned them IF they where not as good as they are. They grip so much better then the Stock Good Year Tires and I really liked them better then the Pilot Sports we had on the S4. I might go back to Michelin next tire time around. My Wife's Charger has Michelin's on them and they clean up and dress perfectly with VRT. On a side not I do have 3 other dressings from other companies and none of them work correctly either. Here is the latest pic of where I got them.
  15. I did everything , I cleaned them full strength, then rinse well. Then cleaned them with Tar Remover, rinsed again, then cleaned them once again 1/2 strength as the wheel and tire cleaner foams up when you cut it, there was absolutely no brown of any kind, just clean water and soap clear and white suds. Used the Leaf blower to dry them down and let them sit outside for about an hour before I took it into the garage for it's first dressing. Didn't even bother with Tire armor my trigger is seized up and I couldn't get it to work so I just went VRT. Well it looked like it was gonna go on nice and even but it dried up, left a flat back finish with some streaks here and there. The way these tires react to dressing is like it rejects it. I don't know if I should write to Adam's and see if they have a solution to these tires. They are the only ones in all my years of detailing and owning tires have I ever seen tires made out of rubber react like this. I will snap some pic's so you guys can see. Maybe someone in here will have a actual solution to these tires, not a general solution as these are some strange tires.
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