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  1. Shakers are badass , love it dude.
  2. I prefer CS3. I find it to last about a month or so and it goes on Oh so nice! It looks thin in the bottle but it feels thick when applied. I think CS3 is the best all around product Adam's makes. It has so many uses and it can replace your Spray wax, Detail spray and Waterless wash.Hell if you want to push it it can replace your toppers. Every time I get away from CS3 and try other stuff as well as the other stuff may work, CS3 I find superior. I have not tried the Graphene Detail spray yet but Plan on trying out all the Graphene products.
  3. Here is my Ride, 2020 Dodge Charger Scat Pack Plus.
  4. I'm pretty locked in on CS3 right now, I love the living hell out of that product. I would absolutely love to try out the Graphene stuff. Cs3 doesn't leave anything on anything , it's very clean product to use. I basically coat the entire car with it except the tires. It's great on plastic.
  5. Words to live by right there. I never ever wash in direct sunlight. I also have a Black car. I always use a drying aid , usually just detail spray. I don't use CS3 in that manner I use it as a topper on my Ceramic coating. I use a Leaf Blower to get the water out of the cracks and off the wheels and tires. Then I use a Drying towel.
  6. Sorry to say but I keep hearing negative comments about the new products. As good as the last round of products where before Graphene I'm a bit surprised. CS3 is probably one of my all time favorite products. Such a good quality product. What's going on here?
  7. Quick side shot , VRP and Detail spray, about 3 weeks ago CS3 was applied to the car and wheels.
  8. I have Satin Finish wheels on my Charger. I use CS3 on them every few washes. Probably once a month they get spray coated. In Between I use Detail spray. So my technic is I wash the wheels and tires with Wheel and Tire cleaner, the purple stuff works great, once a month I'll use wheel cleaner or Iron remover just to see if there is any brake dust build up. Then I use a leaf blower to dry the tires and wheels. After I finish the rest of the car , jams , detail spray drying agent etc. I'll grab a bucket with a lid and use it as a seat and go around each wheel with either Detail
  9. He keep all the cars around the house clean. My Son and I are detail freaks so pastime is detail time. If my Son washes his Audi S4 , he usually turns to his Mom's car when he's done. He really likes the Purple colors and enjoys getting it all shined up. I'm pretty fortunate that way I don't always have to wash it. But if I did, I don't mind I also enjoy spending time in the driveway and garage.
  10. Graphene spray coating from Adam's, 303 and Turtle Wax. The Adam's fell on it's face and it was cured for over 4 hours. I don't know if it should have been cured for 24 hours but it didn't hold up in that test he did. Kinda suprising honestly. The Turtle wax and 303 did just fine and held up very well. It was basically a Turtle Wax new product video and he was testing it again the other 2. I was pretty disappointed that the Adam's Graphene Spray coating wiped out after just 1 chemical test. Something had to be wrong there as I have seen it in Pan's videos hold up very well.
  11. I decided on a 2020 Charger Scat pack in Pitch Black.
  12. Interesting, we still have about a 3/4 bottle of it since we switched over to Car Shampoo. Do you recommend it over the Car Shampoo? If so we can get a gallon if it as it works great.
  13. Honestly they are all very good. We use Car Shampoo as our normal wash each week and also use it in a foam cannon. I really don't see the need for the other soaps. We have tried all of them and Ultra and Mega Foam is great stuff and seems to work great. But with Car Shampoo it's just a nice long lasting thigh soap that works every time with no complaints. The Wash and Wax works good but we have no desire to add protection in each wash. So this soap for us isn't necessary. We use all ceramics anyway so this has no use. But on a side not for those who are interested in it it wor
  14. I just gotta say that Cs3 is my favorite overall Detail product ever. I mean it's so useful in so many ways. It's a Waterless wash if you need to do some light cleanup and don't want to do a full wash. It can be used on all surfaces and it's excels at all of them. It can be used as a drying agent every so often. I don't like to use it every week but I totally would. I use it about once or twice a month depending. The water beads stay full strength for such a long time it's not necessary to keep applying. This stuff is excellent as a topper on your coating. I mean it gives one of if not t
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