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  1. I'm with yeah on that. Black is extremely hard to take care of. It's hard just to wax and get that right let alone a full ceramic coating. I'm an x detailer and I won't mess with the coatings. I wasn't trained on it as they didn't exist when I detailed. I stick to Spray coatings and toppers and I get along just fine with our 3 vehicles. 2 sit outside and one is a garage queen. The 2 that sit outside do very well with the spray coatings and toppers. I don't see the need to risk it.
  2. Hello, I don't understand the comment about having a brand new car and not doing a full paint correct. A paint correct is getting out any swirls , scratches etc before you protect it. It doesn't matter if it's brand new or 40 years old. The paint condition is the paint condition. Brand new cars are swirled and scratched just like a used car. When I purchased my car, I didn't allow the dealer to touch it. It came off the truck, went into the shop for new car inspection and then back out on the lot. I didn't allow them to clean it as they are horrible at it and usually scratch the hell out of your car. If I would have allowed them to detail it, I probably would have had to compound the entire car before I protected it. Your concerns about applying the coating are valid. I keep reading people having issues BUT if you don't prep correctly, you are setting yourself up for failure. I suggest if you know any detailers, I would ask them to help you or do it for you. If you never detailed a car, ran a Buffer , did proper paint correction then I don't suggest you do this yourself. Stick to wax or spray coating. You have less of a chance messing up your car. I say this as you made the comment about not doing a full paint correct on a new car. That didn't make any sense.
  3. I was a Professional Detailer back in my College days. Prior to being a professional , I come from a family of car lovers. I already knew how to clean and hand wax a car properly. I leaned how to use a Wheel when I was a Lot guy prior to becoming a Detailer , so when I started , I already could run a Rotary Buffer. This was back in the late 80's early 90's. After I got hired as a Detailer, I was quickly moved up the chain and made manager then local manager which I was responsible to open new shops and hire a staff. We where in house sub contractors for dealerships. I had plenty of factory training from 3m , Maguires , C-Bud , Ardex and from a Body shop. I detailed freshly painted cars and wet sanded them from the body shop etc. We did new and used cars of all kinds. Anyway even with all those years of experience , I have never been properly trained on these coatings. They are a different level of difficulty as they are basically a form of glass coating. They have issues across the board from what I learned when they came out years ago and people are still having issues with them today. Professionals however who properly learn how to do them right , don't seem to have hardly any issues but run into the high spots as you did. So lets think about your issues. 1 your not a professional and have to been trained in the art of detailing as of todays standards. I don't agree with watching videos and then go applying that knowledge and think you can do it as good as the person in the video. I think practical experience and guidance in person on test panels is the way to avoid the issues you have having. 2 I think your paint prep also might be the issue. The Polish you used , some kind of 3 step you talked about also might be the issue. You may not have prepped properly and the coating is having issues bonding. 3 you might have used to much product. Front he video's it looks simple but even me with all my decades of experience detailing cars as a professional and a hobbyist many times apply to much product. From what I learned about these coating Ceramic and now Graphene , you need to manage your amount of product OR you will have issues. I honestly think you should stop fooling around with the coating and go get it fixed by a professional. I know you spent money on it and unless Adam's was willing to fly someone out to your house to fix it, I think this is the best way to get a proper coating on your car or cars. I know I said it already but I don't mess around with these coatings. I have messed around with most of the spray coatings on the market and even from many different brands have seen some smearing and messy results. One brand that is super popular right now I think sucks. I however have not had any issues with Adam's spray coating , detail sprays , toppers etc yet. My newest spray is the Graphene Detail spray. I want to move onto the Graphene spray coating to replace my current spray coating when it wears out. I use CS3 the last version before the Graphene and it's totally fantastic as a topper, waterless wash and touch up used like a detail spray. I love that product as it's my favorite Adams product. The Graphene detail spray is moving up that ladder quickly , it's stupid good and no smears at all. Don't take any of this offensively. As I said I have professional experience from the 90's and I don't mess with this coating. I'm afraid of them as my cars are way to important to experiment on them with something that is more permeant then wax sealant or spray ceramic coatings . I can remove them with a strip wash and polish, coating are way more durable. I hope you figure this out and get it to work on your own as I feel your gonna keep poking the bear. I probably would to if I had that much time invested But maybe actually reach out to Adams Tech support and maybe they can help you further if you haven't already. Good man.
  4. This is exactly why I suggest a professional to do a actual coating. They have been trained in the art and they can fix high spots with ease. Doing it yourself I suggest using the Spray level coatings. I find no issues with them and you get about a year out of them. Toppers really help keeping them going over time. It's what I do and I have no issues. Sorry your having these issues man, it's not as easy as a professional makes it look.
  5. I solved my Foam cannon by replacing the Orifice. Thanks guys for the advise, it worked and now mega foam is MEGA FOAM LOL.
  6. You did not get taken, you got an experience with products you simply don't know how to use properly. You need to learn how to use the products correctly. Watching a few videos on YouTube don't make you a detailer. Hopefully you can fix your Q5 ( nice car by the way we have a S4 ) . If not look for a very good local detailer that can go over your car and fix it right. Make sure they are up to date and cutting edge. if your not willing to fix it yourself. You did make a nice entry level investment.
  7. People who haven't owned these tires don't know the struggle we owners that detail go through. I find it crazy as popular as these tires are that companies like Adams' Polishes haven't come up with a solution to this issue. No other tire on the market that I know of have this issue. When we got our first set years ago for the Audi S4, I really thought someone clear coated something net to them and it was an amazing amount of clear coat over spray. Wheel and tire cleaner or any tire cleaner DOES NOT REMOVE the overspray like shinny spots on these tires. The ONLY thing I found to remove it is a TAR REMOVER. It's painful as you have to pull up a seat and work each spot. Once you get some kind of balance , then you need to use a wheel and tire cleaner to remove the left over Tar remover on the tires. You can get them nice but not perfect or "NORMAL" as I'll define it compared all other tires. As I have said a few times now, I except and prefer the Satin / Flat Black clean rubber look so I'm not horrified by it anymore. And I'll also say this again, the new DWS 06 Plus models have WAY LESS of this mess on the side wall. YES it's still there but I was able to much easier get them to a point I can live with. The older DWS06 however are WAY HARDER to get there and as I already said, I threw in the towel as each tire has way to much on each on and I don't feel like rubbing my fingers to the bone to get them nice. I just stopped dressing those tires and when they wear out, I will most likely get another set just replace them with the PLUS models unless I trade the car for something else. This issue sucks and IF these tires where 1% less awesome, I would not buy them ever again. BUT handling and traction is very important and these tires deliver in all conditions. Shame
  8. I'm sure someone from Adam's will chime in but I believe the wash and cost is a different product then the Graphene shampoo. However I can see why your comparing them. I would use the Graphene Shampoo over the washer and coat. I'm planning on getting a bottle to try out. I don't see myself going with the wash and coat. I have a black car and I like to touch it up after a full maintenance wash with a detail spray.
  9. I think the older DWS06 tires are worse than the new DWS06 Plus. Our Audi S4 has the older DWS06 's on them and I threw in the towel on them. They are a mess. However my Scat Pack has the DWS06 Plus on it and after Tar and a few cleanings over the last few months, the tires are now executable in appearance after a dressing. I do however have to go over them with an old microfiber towel after they are dressed and sit for awhile so I can get any remaining dressing out of the letters. They seem to hold dressing and it stays wet and then runs on the tire after you drive it. It doesn't sling but it makes streaks. Would I buy these tires again? Probably unless the Michelin's are that much better and worth the extra cost, then I would go that route but I don't think there is a better tire on the market. I can get them to look damn good. I like the flat/Satin look anyway. I don't like shiny tires or wet looking at all. Question, after using TAR did you clean your tires again? I think TAR leaves a bit of a film after you use it. Give it a week, clean the car again and then try dressing again. I think you can get them to look ok, the older DWS06's are bastards when it comes to getting them good. It takes so much more work on that model tire to get each on right. That's why I threw the towel in on them and just except them for that they are.
  10. Tree sap sucks no matter what you use. You most likely are gonna have to polish after removing it. Tar is the way to go. But be gentle with it to minimize damage.
  11. I will say this, it keeps you wanted more. It's also nice to have something to look forward to. Maybe it can get boring when you land all your products as you want them. But where is the fun in that?
  12. Yes , that's exactly what I'm doing. I love the hell out of CS3, it's my favorite detail product of all time. And when Graphene was released, I wanted to jump on it. I did replace my detail spray with Graphene Detail spray, it's a excellent product. But I'm gonna wait as well until I'm on my last bottle of CS3 from my gallon and then get the Graphene Detail spray. Then at that time they will have yet another more improved version. It never ends.
  13. I never clean the tire foam or blocks. Now I will instead of throwing them out after a few uses.
  14. I'm so sorry this happened to you. I hope Adam's Polishes makes this right. It's in their best interest as many of us are following this thread with open eyes and ears. The Directions clearly stated as you applied the product. On another note, I have applied spray Ceramic Coatings from other manufacturers and did not have this issue. I also didn't not level It or work it into the trim pieces. I use CS3 and Graphene Spray wax from Adams and use it on the trim all the time with excellent results. I want to move up to the Graphene spray coating but after reading this thread, I hesitate to pull the trigger. You can't advertise a product that works on all exterior surfaces and then cause these kinds of issues. BUT there is still the possibility of user error and I wish you lived closer to Adam's Polishes so you could take the Vehicle there and have them look at it. Adam's makes wonderful products and I have been using them for years. I just moved into Spray Ceramics a few years ago and I'm kinda afraid of the actual Coatings. I have seen so many people make a mess of their vehicles with them , not from Adams but from other brands. Just saying here and not saying you didn't but prep is so important. If you don't prep properly , you will seal in bad stuff under a coating. Again not sayin that's what happened to you but I have seen it myself being a retired detailer.
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