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  1. Wow. Awesome thanks. I’ve seen those labels a million times just didn’t realize that those were created for the kitchen. Now I have to order those too?!!!
  2. Just placed my 3rd order this week, yes I have a problem! I was thinking, I enjoy detailing my car on a daily basis. I don’t get that same joy when I clean the house. A big reason for that is the products. Does anyone else wish they had Adams products when they are cleaning up around the house. Imagine cleaning wood floors or bathrooms with the quality and scents we’ve all grown to love. I would even use detail spray body wash!!!Just an idea. But I hope it actually happens!! Much love from NYC. Keep up the great work!!!
  3. If I had to just pick one. The original detail spray brings a smile to my face every time I spray that bottle. Can’t wait till they make an Interior cleaner with the detail spray scent!!!
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