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  1. Oh, most definitely, I guess I was just explaining why it’s more watery then what she may be used to, because it is mega foam and that is its normal consistency.
  2. The holiday shampoo is a different colored/scented Mega Foam which is more watery appearing/less viscous than other Adam’s shampoo’s because of its different chemical makeup compared to other Adam’s more traditional car shampoos. When Mega Foam was first released that was the first thing that drew my attention, how thin it appeared in the bottle.
  3. Got my order in, seems it went live a little early. 😃 Have fun everyone and enjoy the upcoming Holidays!!!
  4. I just double checked and it was what they posted on their Instagram so it better be accurate, though I’ll be refreshing early, lol.
  5. I saw 10am MST which is 12 Noon EST. Think it was on Instagram. There goes giving forum members a bit of extra time to get some goodies before the rush... They also mentioned “Don’t miss the door busters” so check for other stuff before it sells out I guess. Problem is, while shopping for door busters other things like the 4 bottle holiday box may sell out as we don’t know how limited it is, I haven’t seen any numbers mentioned as to how many were produced for that particular item.
  6. Adam’s should drop the release time for online ordering here in the forums as a perk for the enthusiasts who participate here.
  7. I said it when released and I’ll say it again: This scent in a shampoo needed a gallon release! It really does smell great. 👍
  8. Probably when they get rid of the 20% discount code and go back to another 15% off code, lol. I’ve been in need of and waiting to order a new bottle of glass sealant so this came out at a perfect time. Finally, a new release coming out before I make an order for an older ‘inferior’ product. I wonder if we’ll also see that ceramic rinse + coat released when this releases...
  9. I wish that Apple Cider Car Shampoo was available in a gallon size...
  10. Ceramic paste has 5% more SIO2 according to an Adams chart I’ve seen (35% versus 30%) and the ceramic paste is durability rated at 6-8 months whereas the ceramic liquid wax is 5-6 months. If you want to apply with a polisher I’d go with the ceramic liquid for ease and faster application personally.
  11. Love the new design and the new payment methods (Apple Pay in my case) are also much welcome. Great job Adam’s!
  12. I’m on a family road trip and staying at a cabin in Missouri. After driving 1,400 miles over two days I finally got here and had to wash my ride. The bugs on the front end and side mirrors were insane, of course. Prior to leaving home I washed with Adams regular car wash and topped off with ceramic boost while drying. After getting here 3 days ago, I washed in the evening using Adams new Ceramic Wash. Let me tell you, having the vehicle not only ceramic coated 19 months ago but topped off fresh with Ceramic Boost before the trip really really helped the bugs come off rather easily.
  13. Brilliant Glaze works great for interior windows around the home, same as on the inside of the windshield of the vehicle.
  14. My vehicle is ceramic coated but after experiencing mild streaking with CB 2.0 on dry paint, I now only use it after a wash as a drying aid, applied on moderately wet paint, and I no longer have an issue. I do use a cordless leaf blower to blow off some of the water and get it out of cracks and crevices, but I find the extra bit of water left behind doesn't affect its 'boosting' effectiveness and considerably helps avoid streaking. I use Ceramic Boost around once a month now and all the other washes in between are dried using Detail Spray.
  15. Yeah, it’s probably best they don’t advertise that it has sio2 content as it’ll just help to confuse.
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