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  1. Just a fun way to add color to the foam
  2. No issues with my first harbor freight polisher, used a different backing plate and never had issues, except for how loud it was. Upgraded to a 15mm swirl killer and will never use the harbor freight machine ever again.
  3. A method thay works for me on my tungsten metallic paint is dry heavy water with one towel then follow with a spritz on the panel, followed with another drying towel to absorb the rest of the water and move the product around. I do one panel at a time and haven't had any issues with this methodology.
  4. I use the 2 bucket method with a chenille wash mitt filling both my wash and rinse buckets all the way up and don't have any issues washing my truck even when it is really dirty in NE winters. Foam first and use both sides of the mitt. I do one panel with 1 side and another panel with the other before rinsing and going back to the rinse bucket.
  5. I always start with my wheels on my Silverado, then I will rinse the entire truck with the power washer, followed by a complete foam, followed by two bucket wash. If using a ph neutral soap it will not matter if it dries on the paint. Rinse off all soap after contact wash and dry as usual with your favorite drying aide. I haven't had any issues with the method
  6. You can use spray detailer as a drying aid. After your final rinse, spray detailing spray all over the vehicle then dry as usual. This will help mitigate the water spotting and the ones that are there will be easier to come off.
  7. I had the hood and fenders of my truck repainted 1.5 weeks ago and was wondering if there is anything I can to do protect the new paint as it gasses off? After the 30 day mark I am going to apply the GCS. I spent the weekend polishing out the buffer haze from the shop using one step and finishing polish. Any advice as it is suppose to rain over the next several days and do not want the dreaded water spots?
  8. Of course just after I tried slick and slide this comes out... What is the recommendation for the applicator and towels after use with the graphene ceramic spray coating? Should they be discarded or can they be washed and used again? Thanks
  9. Thanks, I tried getting them taken care of before costing, but nothing seemed to work. I have tried mdr, matte paint cleanser, matte wheel cleaner. Thanks for you help. I guess I will wait for the scs to wear down then try again.
  10. I have tried mdr and revive polish a few weeks ago and it made one of the spots shiny. Thanks for you help. I guess I will wait for the scs to wear down then try again.
  11. Need some advice in regards to my black matte wheels. I have stubborn water spots that will not go away. Wheels had been treated with ceramic boost about every 3 washes or so. Today tried to clean them real good with some matte wheel cleaner from another brand, then I coated them with csc. The spots are still there and it is frustrating me. Any insight how to remove the csc and how to get the spots off the wheels? Clay and polish is out of the question as they are matte.
  12. I ended up giving my porter away and buying a greenworks for that same reason, then bought some quick disconnects from lowes.
  13. Great Job Adam's Polishes! It is great to see the community come together as we deal with this virus!
  14. I have used with no visible results, but I guess that is what you get when you have dark vehicles.
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