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  1. The Canadian website doesn't allow me to get passed step 2. "shipping information". Also tried calling the phone number provided but it doesn't work. All I want is a gallon of wheel cleaner! lol
  2. Yeah I'm going to try the CP first with the orange pad and see where that gets me.. I might be able to use that for majority of the car. maybe. If not I'll just hit it with the HCC with the blue pad and if still nothing then microfiber pad. As everyone says to try least aggressive first so thats what ill do. Thanks for the help.
  3. Yeah I mean I've seen what it does for black paint on multiple reviews and don't get me wrong it looks amazing. I just have white paint and my car only has 30 thousand kms on it so it's its not that bad. I mean it definitely needs to be corrected and polished as it never has been.. I just don't want to have to buy the FP and the white pad to go with it if I don't need too. I've spent a rap load of money already.
  4. Question when polishing... I only bought a 2 step 15mm polishing kit. (It was on an amazing sale and from what I hear the 15mm polisher is more then enough for what I'm looking for) This kit only came with the Heavy Correcting Compound and the Correcting Polish with the micro fiber, blue and orange foam pads. I also picked up 2 extra pads of each blue and orange pads. Do I need to get the Finishing Polish with the white foam pad? or is it just recommended? Ultimately I plan on using Adams new Ceramic Spray.
  5. C43s are very nice! Smaller engine but still very quick specially because their 4matic. I was looking into one because of living in Toronto and the winters here... But I caved into the 6.2l V8 lol Although I don't like how they branded the C43 as an AMG because it's not a hand built motor and when you think of AMG you think hand built motor.. V8... big engine with lots of power just crazy things lol. Few years ago the C43 was just the C450. Still a very great car. V6 bi turbo. My girlfriend drives a CLA 250 and I want her to sell its for a C43 lol. It's also a white one so we got that whole "h
  6. I wish there was something like the MB or even the Bigboi buddie blower that was battery powered... I live in a condo and don't have my own personal garage... So I'm thinking about getting something like the milwaukee M18 blower 100 cfm and apparently up to 160 mph with a rubber tip. Not sure if it has a filter or not though... But either way might be my only choice for something thats mobile.
  7. So I just forked up the extra $20 bucks for shipping.. and got the microfiber towel bundle because it was a wicked sale $178.46 regular down to $123.55 so even with the wasted $20 shipping I'm still saving.. also took advantage of the order and got a bottle Coating prep which I originally forgot to get. lol Anyway Adams your dipping deep into my pockets! lol
  8. Thanks for the phone number my shipment was already sent out I say a microfiber bundle that I wanted to add to my order as well. I'll just have to wait until the next time I'm going to be spending a good chunk before I place another order I guess.
  9. I ordered a few things off the Adams website and forgot to add an item to my order. Is there anyway I could add to my order before its shipped out? The shipping would cost more than the item itself. The phone number that was provided to me didn't work for me either. Thanks,
  10. I was just looking at the site and there are definitely savings on this site over the adams.ca and amazon.ca Some items are only 1-2 bucks cheaper but some are 5-10 and shipping is also cut more in half. It definitely all adds up! Thanks Tom!
  11. I think they should open up a dedicated store in Canada, Toronto preferably or somewhere in Canada so I don't have to pay 20 bucks in shipping..
  12. Seems like the wet application is the same way you'd apply the H2ogg that's awesome.
  13. I can't wait for the weather for get better! I'm slowly ordering all the things I need to get done and educating myself on everything so I'm ready when the time comes! Thanks again for all the help guys.
  14. So.. 1 - Wash 2 - Iron Remover 3 - Strip wash 4 - Clay 5 - Polish 6 - Coating Prep 7 - Coating Thanks again guys!
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