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    Food Thread

    Oh! I'll play. I do alot of cooking when time permits,been super into BBq and smoking. Latest cook brisket....
  2. Hello! Can someone help me with the 16:1 measurements for filling an Standard Adams 16oz bottle to make Waterless out of rinseless?
  3. Dan thanks for the breakdown and response! I did see the new Frost collection and was pleased to see there were a variety of product within it. Grabbed some DS and ID myself and can't wait to try em out. That ID with Microban will be getting put to work! It's great to hear that there may be more LE ID releases with the DS ones. Be safe out there everyone!
  4. Hello! I was wondering how come Adams always focuses the Holiday/Limited Edition Sprays to mostly Detail Sprays? How come there isnt an Interior Detail Spray that matches those scents? I see the appeal of collecting these but after a couple years of using Adams, I got a buttload of detail sprays that I cant even burn through fast enough because of all the other "finishing" products available. I like collecting and using them but the one thing I get them for is the scents, which once you spray em on your car the fun is over,hard to get a lingering scent and notice it on the outside of your car.
  5. You win some,you lose some! Seems like the Adams fan base is growing larger and larger which is great. Perhaps it's time to increase those LE numbers
  6. Too bad they didn't make more of that Detail Spray,would have liked to display it in my humble collection 😕 Congrats to Adams and the team.
  7. Again thanks for the replies. I guess the endgame will be to reduce the scratches as much as possible,not looking for a perfect finish afterwards. I guess in the meantime I'll hit the tube and study some videos on the topic.
  8. Thanks for the replies everyone. Rich Ill try your method for now see if that helps any. Which Adams polishing products would i need down the road besides one of the polishers? Pads? Bottles? ect. Thanks!
  9. New to the world of polishing and paint correction and could use some advice. My girl,after I advised her not too,went through a automatic car wash,the kind with bristles n brushes,and ended up with a love mark from it on her new ride. The scratch on the left is deeper,I can feel it with my fingernail,the ones on the right seem to be just light scratches,can't feel them What's the procedure,Adams products I need to fix these? I've no polisher or polish products yet. I wanna try to tackle this by hand if possible. I plan on getting a polisher eventually but for now it's not an option. Thanks
  10. Buttery Wax H20 Guard and Gloss Spray Wax Detail spray Regular Waterless and rinseless washes Can these be applied on top of the ceramic coating? Or do I NEED to use the other ceramic products?
  11. Its definitely on my list once I use up all of these products in my list. 😁 What ceramic coating did you use? Durango looks clean af👍👍. Anyone else wanna chime in on the best use of the products I bought above?
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