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  1. So my wife is putting a hold on my Adams spending for a bit...(I’m not sure she still loves me!). So if any local, Denver, people want to trade the 4 bottle set (new Fall release) for a 4 bottle set of the Be A Good Person release, I’m down. Thanks, Soon to be single if I purchase these!
  2. Danimal10


    Welcome to the hood!! I’m in Thornton also....off 130th and Holly.
  3. I would like to see an option to order on line and pick up at the HQ....I live about 5 miles from HQ and don’t want to pay to have it shipped. Being new to Adam’s stuff, I’ve heard that some items sell out super fast online, but I would like to order on line and do local pickup to save money on shipping but not miss out on highly sought after items. Just my $.02
  4. Just started using Adam’s stuff a couple of months ago....immediately gave my old stuff to the kiddos to use on bikes. Love the ceramic boost boost and the waterless wash. Out....for now!!!
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