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  1. The mats are easier to clean because I can get them out of the car but this sand is in the carpet and black trunk liner. I have a similar brush but it doest remove all the sand. I may be doomed living in FL with black carpet.
  2. Hi all, I have black carpet in my mustang and there is sand that seems to be embedded into the carpet. What is the best way to get it out without buying an extractor? I have tried my shop vac with carpet cleaner and got some out but not all and those tiny little white sand particles just make my otherwise perfect carpet look unclean.
  3. I wish I had a garage like this. Unfortunately, I am renting currently and only have a one car garage that my car barely fits in. But this is an awesome setup!
  4. How does everyone store and display their chemicals? I currently have my all on a shelf but trying to get some other storage ideas, I know adams sells wall racks but they are a bit pricey for me at the moment. I was thinking of mounting some gutters on the wall and storing them that way but not sure yet.
  5. I found some more videos and will save the americana wax and just paint correct sealant then G&G for upkeep. Thanks Everyone, I guess I always told that wax is the way growing up so it always just stuck with me. I will do BG before a show to just give it more of a pop.
  6. Thanks, I should have specified, I am looking at doing the yellow mustang those steps.
  7. I'm thinking of doing the following and want to see if anyone has any opinions. Paint seal American G&G and use BG for car shows any suggestions are welcome. I am trying to get the deepest shine while have a good layer of protection since it is a daily driver.
  8. Not much you can do unless you keep it in a bubble, I wash my car and within 2 days of driving around town, it is covered again, between construction, pollen, and just normal traffic it is just inevitable. I rinse my car with waterless wash every couple of days and wash with a foam cannon once a week at least until pollen season is over.
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