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  1. Not necessarily car related, but may help some others! I’ve tried regular rug doctor, enzymatic cleaner from Adam’s, baking soda and vinegar, peroxide/soap/water, scrubbing, dabbing, wiping, scraping. Any other tips? I don’t know the exact stain nature, but it appears to be coffee or rust.
  2. Thank you for the help, I will give it a try on the next one that has it!!
  3. I have cars come in with scuffs where the door entry is on the plastic pieces! I usually clean it and then apply some leather conditioner to “cover” it. Is there anything else better to use that may stay on long term?
  4. Turns out I didn’t need the clay at all! Just a thorough cleaning, detail spray, and a little H20 G&G did the trick! I figured out it was more than likely overspray and soap residue.
  5. Is there a certain forum that goes into good detail about claying?
  6. Not currently, but I may invest in one if this persists!
  7. The dripping may be possible, but usually I wipe it off once more after the initial drying. Usually detail spray and a good microfiber is what I use on it, but it’s more so the streak that appears on it that’s bothersome. Nothing engrained in the trip, just on the surface. I’ll try a couple of these steps in my next major detail!
  8. I will do that! What would you recommend for a protectant on the trim?
  9. Needing some help with what to do on these. The trim pieces on a few of my cars always seem to spot/streak pretty badly. Even if dried well, the streaks always pop up. Is there anything I can put on them to keep it from doing this?
  10. I’m a recent high school graduate who loves to details cars, especially the interior! Just looking to pick up a few tips along the way!! I’ve used Adams products for over 3 years now, and I’ve never had bad results!
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