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  1. Congrats @shmedley ! Thanks to @Dan@Adamsand all the Adams team for the work on the forum and the giveaway!
  2. Thanks @Dan@Adamsand the forum team for fixing this one!!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all!!
  3. Still can't react to forum posts..... no matter which theme I use. I think this might also be contributing to lack of engagement on the forum. For me I'm seeing the posts but can't interact with them.
  4. I personally think that shipment and lack of Styrofoam or some kind of padding in the box was the issue for me. That stool is pretty stout and i can't imagine any scenario where adams personnel would send the box out in the state mine arrived in. And I definitely agree that finding it damaged, not by me, was disappointing lol.
  5. I will say, mine was damaged in shipment as well. It was obvious it was due to the handling of the product and the fact that the box it comes in is not padded. I didn't send mine back as it was still functional but it was much like above, the red lock was bent and let me tell u that is a sturdy part so it took a lot of effort to damage it by fedex.
  6. The stang! πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
  7. Thanks guys! I'm pretty happy with it. Now that I have a polisher (thanks to the skpro MB) things are going to start getting interesting...... 😁. I wish I had gotten it before this process... or my arms wish that anyways.....
  8. I just want to say, so far this stuff is a huge upgrade from the standard CSC. I spent the last few days prepping (wash, iron decon, clay, hand polishing w/ revive) and finally applied the GCSC to my truck. Having previously used the standard CSC in the past i was impressed. The ease of use was great and the uv tracer additive was perfect for me as i took breaks and took my time. I could always pull out the light and see exactly where i stopped. I also used the tracer after applying each panel to be sure i didn't miss any spots..... and i did, a couple times, catch some misses. Thi
  9. Nice! Thanks @falcaineer ! I finally see me! Bottom left of the second pic! Woot woot!
  10. Just curious.....is this wall still growing? Or is this something that changed when renovations were done? I'd be interested to see updated pics of it if it is still around.
  11. So, this is different than with the CSC huh? When I did the CSC on my trim on my truck, one of the pro tips was that it did not need to be leveled on plastic and trim surfaces. Can you elaborate on why this is different? I'm just curious because I am about to reapply in a month with the new Graphene Ceramic Spray Coating.
  12. So, I took a mix of APC and distilled water in a plastic tub and soaked and agitated the brush. Here are before and after pics. There was a good amount of red dye that still bled out. I will say this after pic looks worse than it actually was, however it did still bleed. After a good soak and thorough rinse out it appears to have stopped bleeding. I'll update again when I reapply my tire armor and let y'all know if it bleeds during application again. I'm hoping it won't at this point.
  13. OK. I'll try that. I'll let you know the results. I was wondering if it was just a you stated just to much dye and will bleed out if cleaned enough or if it was my "improper"use of an interior brush for an exterior application and the chemical I was applying caused the bleed. I only ask as I am indeed looking to grab another one to dedicate to interior wet cleaning and I noticed in reviews I was not the only one having the issue. Thanks for the response Dan!
  14. Just curious. Has anyone else had issues with the Red Interior brush bleeding when wet? I haven't actually used mine on the interior, but rather I used it as an applicator for Tire Armor. I noticed it bled heavily during the application of the product, but I chocked it up to using it for a purpose other than what it was intended. However, I will note that there is a video from Adam's where they suggest using the interior brush for applying tire armor. The reason I ask is I was going to buy another one specifically for cleaning my interior but I'm not wanting to risk the bleed
  15. Question.... the details say it's an improvement on the detail spray formula. Can you elaborate? Is this somewhere between regular detail spray and slick n slide?
  16. I just wanted to send a special thanks to the folks on this forum that religiously answer questions and give feedback. Specifically @RayS @falcaineer @Dan@Adams and there are many others as well but I see these guys chiming in on almost any topic. Thank you guys for taking the time each day to read and help. For me, it is invaluable. Often times I read about problems that I don't necessary face but still find the knowledge and approach each person takes as valuable future info. Kudos to you all and keep up the good work repping the best car care company in the biz..... in my o
  17. Im gonna order next week. I wish they would offer a trio bundle like they did the hand soap. I'm definitely gonna try the pineapple.... possibly the mango. I'm sure too that if the grape is the same scent that everyone on here raves about from the legacy products that it will be a hit also!
  18. You guys are killing me...... 😁 Pineapple! Take my money!
  19. I really enjoy reading these! Great job and thanks for posting this!
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