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  1. @chops1sc I've been storing it in the original bottle in air conditioning the entire time. It's never seen more than 76 or less than 68...that's what's so weird about it to me. So I assume you were unable to restore it to its original strength/viscosity?
  2. Hey all, I went to go use my VRT for the first time in a month or so and noticed it had considerably thinned out (and separated, but that resolved by just shaking as always). No matter how much I shake it, it still won't return to its normal viscosity. It's about as viscous as detail spray now (pretty close to water). The thinning out itself doesn't bother me, but now the sheen does not last as long on my tires (only about 2 days now) and there's considerable sling. Does anybody have experience with this happening and, if so, how did you fix it? Or, if this isn't normal, do you think Adam's will cover a replacement bottle? Bottle has remained in A/C when not in use, 70-75F.
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