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  1. Thanks for sharing. I definitely followed their first video.... but before I try the trim restorer, I'm going to try the tire and rubber cleaner.. I know the plastic under the milky messy was pristine so hopefully I didn't ruin it. I still haven't had some free time to get into it yet.... but will soon and post back.
  2. Yeah I'm definitely going to try the T&R cleaner first... I have plenty of that stuff... I know for certain the trim is (was) flawless before I hit it with the one-step polish and swirl killer... so hopefully the T&R cleaner fixes it right up before I try any of those "dye/renewal" type products.
  3. Is this some sort of coating or a dye?
  4. Hello - back in the fall of 2020, I ceramic coated my car with Adams Ceramic Graphene coating. I did all the normal prep (strip, decom, one-step polish, etc, etc.)ain't .. The one mistake I made was not to properly protect the plastic around my windshield.... Now it looks like faded/gray/white crap. It's definitely NOT sun damage, it's from the one step polish I'm sure. As I was polishing the paint, I didn't take enough precautions with my plastic trim. I know, rookie mistake... To make matters worse, I most likely "sealed it in" with the ceramic coating. Well, it looks like c
  5. Thanks everyone for all the comments. I definitely use a two towel method and typically use about 4 towels (single soft) every time I quick details. Having said that, maybe I allow the towels to get too damp, but I notice the streaking even on the very first panel (hood). Anyway, I guess I'll keep tuning my process.
  6. Ok this is going to be a tad long, and might sound crazy. Please stick with me. I only will mention a competitor because of my specific experience that I need help with. I WAS a long time Zaino user… They had two “detailer” products one called Z6 and another called Z8 Grand Finale spray. Z8 is applied exactly like the Adam’s detailer products. Light mist, wipe off. It was to be used infrequently and wasn’t considered a daily detailer. Z8 would leave streaky “dark” spots on my car that drove me insane. The daily detailer, Z6, did not do that and would wipe off perfectly.
  7. As usual, great advice. Thanks so much! I'm going to check out the local spray and wash near me...
  8. So I admittedly have a touch of OCD..... I Graphene Coated my car this fall, and had been using the Graphene Detail Spray to maintain it... I took my time over 2 full days to ensure it was done right. I'm using all Adam's products for all aspects of maintaining my car inside/out. Now that the winter months are upon us, I won't be standing outside washing/detailing my car using my normal routine and products. Would periodically running my car through a touchless car wash "damage/degrade" my coating in any way? I know those touchless car washes use some harsh products/"waxes" in t
  9. A Honda "ricer" I work with loves to call mine that just to get under my skin. Kids... lol. I saw a new one online the other day that made me laugh.... Impalabu!
  10. Oh wow no kidding!? I drove, and LOVED, a blue one in South Carolina (read the story here if you're interested how I ended up with the RPGM.).... I think I got a good deal on it... You're location says your in PA somewhere? I bought my SS out in Lock Haven, but live in the Lehigh Valley where it's my DD. //Brew
  11. I LOVE my SS! Mine is a '17 in Regal Peacock Green Metallic.. It's an awesome color that makes is look almost black in the shade, and brilliant green metallic in direct sun.
  12. I bet the Vette looks AMAZING. I'm past the 24 hour cure window, and drove it to work today... that means it's going to get very dusty......which implies I can hit it with the Graphene DS tonight! wooohoo. lol
  13. Hello. I just finished up a ceramic detail but have a question now, in retrospect, about my SK15... As I was using it, it seemed like it wasn't rotating properly unless I almost lifted it off the surface of the car. I was using one step polish and a brand new one step pad. Even just the weight of the machine made it appear it wasn't rotating properly. As I would lift it off the vehicle, I could see it start to spin. Is this normal? This was my first experience with a DA polisher... Last orbital polisher I used was probably back in 1987. //Brew
  14. I thought about some pics.... but it's overcast and even photos don't do it justice!
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