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  1. Hi fellow shine lovers! I have a 2012 Camaro that has pretty good paint, but it's not completely perfect. There is a chip here and there, small blemishes. I've completely polished all the swirls and scratches out, and it looks damn fine. Would it be worth using the ceramic spray coating on my car, or does the paint need to be 100% flawless? Thanks, Jake
  2. I don't use the waterless wash function of CS3, I use it mostly as a detail spray for after I have washed my car completely. I was curious if Graphene Detail Spray would be a better option for this type of use, and if it was a ceramic infused product. I keep Ceramic Liquid Wax on my car. Thanks!
  3. Hi All, I have my car coated with Ceramic Liquid wax. I was wondering what product(s) I should use as a detail spray and/or a maintenance spray for this wax? Thanks!
  4. Hi all, I just finished perfecting my paint with the two step paint correction kit using the 15mm swirl killer and omg I'm in love! I applied the ceramic liquid wax as the protectant cover so I can keep that beautiful gloss. Is the CS3 or the Ceramic Boost a better option for maintaining this coating? I know the detail spray, brilliant glaze, and HZO guard and gloss is more for the paint sealant and buttery wax coating. If anyone has any tips on how to maintain the awesomeness that is perfect paint and the ceramic liquid wax, let me know!! Thanks!
  5. I just ordered the 2-step polishing kit and am looking forward to giving my Camaro the perfect paint it deserves. I am curious though, are there any precautions I need to take when using an orbital so I don't damage my matte stripes? Thanks, Jake
  6. Hi fellow detail enthusiasts! I am considering using the Liquid Ceramic wax instead of the buttery wax. Currently my car has a paint sealant base with buttery wax over top. If I strip the old products, go through the polishing steps with a DA buffer, would the ceramic liquid wax be a good option in comparison to the sealant and buttery wax? I don't have a permanent ceramic coating because unfortunately there are parts of my car that have paint scraped off and need to be repainted. I intend to get that done when the paint is perfect however. Thanks for all your he
  7. I tried the brilliant glaze and VRT method on my stripes and they still have marks on them. I didn’t have the block they used in the video so I just used microfiber towels. Is there any way to get these spots of my stripes?
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