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  1. But the infographics say no acids and limited alkalines in the HC version 😖 I know some of these chemicals we use are quite potent, and it’s really a shame that if we’re paying $13-$15 for a freakin spray bottle that nobody really has any clue what’s safe for which bottles.
  2. The listing on the site also recommend APC for the HC sprayer while it is retailed in the clear plastic bottle, so simply going by the bottle they are shipped in isn’t really a viable way to determine what products should be used in which sprayer.
  3. Interesting, I’ve noticed that the Bug Remover and the W&T Cleaner come in a hazy/opaque bottle instead of the regular clear bottle. Ideally, would the regular Wheel Cleaner or regular Tire/Rubber Cleaner be used in the HC bottle as well?
  4. I see, hard to imagine this hasn’t been brought up for thorough discussion already.
  5. So, I'm trying to figure out which chemicals are safe for which sprayers! In general, how do I know if a chemical has hydrocarbons? What types of chemicals have them, typically? Can I have a few examples of Adam's products that should be used in the TR HC sprayers? Cheers!
  6. Can't help but think we're gonna get something different for Cyber Monday =D Fingers crossed!
  7. You ideally will put the coating on immediately after you do the correction, otherwise you're going to have to strip wash, decontaminate, and prep again. Don't forget about the extended cure time AFTER applying the coating. My best advice is to go one panel at a time, completely start to finish. There's no problem doing a vehicle like this if your OCD can tolerate it.
  8. With the streaking on the tires too, it makes me think you left the cleaner on the wheels for a while. Were they hot? In the sun? Did the cleaner dry or begin to dry? Adam’s Wheel Cleaner is pretty strong stuff, can do some damage to finishes if not rinsed off within a couple minutes of application.
  9. Saw these this morning before they went live, so much for waiting until I got home from work to order...
  10. Did a light correction and fresh Paint Sealant on the truck this weekend... Pretty happy with how it turned out given the relatively limited amount of time I put in compared to the absolute monster amount of painted surface I had to get through. It had been beaten to death by the dealer when I picked it up this spring, It's getting better and better each time I need some weekend therapy!
  11. Bumped for update, looking for some new stuff... trading VERY generously.
  12. As a West Virginian, I approve of your bench... looks awesome!
  13. I've used the CB very sparingly with good results... the roof of my wife's 4runner takes 3 sprays, the hood takes 2, etc... I've had the same experience as others with streaking if overly saturated.
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