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  1. I put my IK sprayer bottle in the bucket after I have mixed the rinseless and spray down the vehicle. Tonight I even used CS3 as a drying aid/extra layer while wiping down before drying. Waterless plus rinseless plus waterless combo for extra protection
  2. I did both of my new vehicles in the last 3 weeks. One with Graphene Ceramic coating and one with Graphene spray coating. First wash with both was 5 days after application with the new Graphene soap. No issues at all with beading on either. Rained today and still heading like crazy. I know you already know this is how it’s supposed to work. Just pointing out that you aren’t crazy as I followed your same steps.
  3. Serious question. How can you stand the smell of the paste? I knew it had an odd smell when applying and then my wife almost killed me because of the smell. I had to go over it 2 times with interior detailer to get the smell to go away.
  4. Make sure the H20GG has the red Hybrid Technology label on the front. That is the SiO2 infused version
  5. What type of coating is suggested for black textured trim on a new vehicle. I currently have graphene ceramic, graphene spray, and UV ceramic spray. I know they are all supposed to work but I want to use something with the least amount of issues on the new vehicle
  6. To me the hybrid holds more water because of being double sided but the ultra plush leaves less streaks on the first pass. Both good choices
  7. I don’t think anyone knows for sure. What toppers have you used and how long have they been on? I watched a YouTuber use CS3 on prepped paint and after 10 washes with Adams strip wash it was starting to fail. For me if it has been a few weeks since toppers, I would use strip wash 2-3 times. Rinse and wash hood with strip wash and rinse off. Then repeat another 2 times.
  8. You have definitely etched the glass. Hitting APC after Water Spot Remover just added a different acid on top of acid that was there. This is the same way you wouldn’t want to let APC sit and dry on glass or Water Spot remover. not trying to lecture or anything. I usually do these type of goof ups myself. My guess as a non expert is that you are going to need to polish the glass. Do some research on that or maybe someone else has some better advice
  9. For me the CS3 can get streaky if you use too much. A little does go a long way as a drying aid. I haven’t figured out the best way to use it as a waterless wash without being streaky.
  10. Are these due same towels in different sizes and colors? I thought they would be very similar but the grey seems to be more grabby than the blue. Even when folded at the same size, the blue glides more on the surface. Just trying to see if I am crazy or not. They are both listed as the same GSM on the website but the blue is the only one noted as made in Korea.
  11. What is best for chrome/stainless exhaust tips? Mainly to keep black soot from sticking and make easier to clean. How will graphene coating work on that surface? Anything else better?
  12. I have used the Graphene Detail spray as a drying aid 5 times now with no streaking. I live in Florida and only wash in the evening. I bring this up because I keep hearing in the Adam’s broadcast not to use it as a drying aid. Does this just mean in direct sunlight? CS3 streaks more to me as a drying aid. Anyone else have positive or negative experiences?
  13. I seriously need a goodie bag for finding things like this. Though I think the only thing I don’t have is the Adams dog bowl.
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