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  1. If you're looking for the latest ceramic line the graphene products offer a full suite of tools: graphene coating, graphene spray, graphene detail, and the tire dressing. I've only used the graphene spray and it worked quite well with water beading. They even offer a ceramic paste wax which I've always wanted to try. Best way to protect the leather is to get a good tint haha. Definitely try the leather and interior cleaner + carpet & upholstery cleaner. I think they were introduced rather recently. I've got both but haven't tried them yet since covid = no driving!
  2. Thanks for the advice. I'll try brilliant glaze next time. The spot went away on its own after the car got rained on. I would think a ceramic coat gives some protection against bird droppings, even if it's on vinyl.
  3. I meant bird droppings. Don't use it for bird droppings or else your paint will be marred. I learned this lesson the hard way. For bugs, it can easily get most bugs off but I've had some instances where I had to use Adam's bug remover. The bug remover works quite well but it's one of those "don't let it dry on your car or there could be problems" products so I try not to use it as much. I've found if the bug guts are dried up from the sun I eventually have to use bug remover. Having a ceramic coat also helps tremendously. All the ceramic coated cars I have no longer nee
  4. I tried to wipe it off with some waterless wash but it seems to have left a mark. My roof is wrapped with Inozetek Gloss black + coated with ceramic coat and I just noticed the bird crap today. The poop washed off but not really sure what else I can try to get rid of the mark. Car is parked outside so, you know, things happen.
  5. Waterless wash is my favorite product too! The Adams one is formulated quite well compared to competitors. If you can't do a normal wash, it helps to hose down the car or wait for it to rain if the dirt is heavy. Also don't use waterless wash for bug droppings. Ask me how I know. 😭
  6. I would recommend not using an exterior car cover. I've had one for years before I was able to afford a garage and all sorts of stuff (pollen, dust) gets between the cover and the car. It really just protects the car from the sunlight and possibly water damage. The surface wasn't too badly marred but once you have a huge gust of wind and the cover is half blown off you'll regret it.
  7. The problem with this strategy is that the pay'n'spray areas near me usually close their stations in the winter. I guess it's the possibility of their pipes freezing? I had to do a first-ever 2 bucket wash in my driveway. It was quite warm (50F) but the water was ice cold. I didn't have a garage for the last 5 years and my only option was to visit the pay'n'spray on warm days to hose down the car, then drive home to air dry on the way and do a waterless wash. It worked well for a few ski trips but with salt on the roads you just have to be okay with not having a perfect
  8. Any idea when the old fixed head sprayers will be back? I'm running out... I refuse to use the temporary rotating head ones. They are so painful to use. I'm talking about these: https://adamspolishes.com/products/adam-s-16oz-replacement-sprayers
  9. I didn't mean to say Ceramic countertop. I have a Corian counter countertop and numerous quartz countertops I've used it on. I haven't noticed any difference whatsoever, but I use it anyway because hey I bought it. I would think that even though it is porous the sealant still works. Wood is very porous, but most kitchen surfaces are already coated with a finish so I guess you are just sealing over the finish.
  10. Just wondering if the Emeril Lagasse Kitchen sealant works on wood. I've been using it for all my ceramic countertops and I still have a lot left. I would rather use it all up since I prefer not to have bottles laying around.
  11. With the kitchen question I was thinking more along the lines of towels I had previously used to clean my wheels with. I don't mind tossing the towels... it's more just the thought that I already used one that had ceramic coat remains it. I need a color system for these towels. Too bad Costco only makes one color. Also, it says you're supposed to rip the tag off each towel before you use it? I did not know this!
  12. I was reading an article here and it says the ceramic coated towels will damage your paint if you re-use them for detailing. Is this true? I installed my ceramic spray coat almost a month ago and now the towels I used are mixed somewhere in the bunch of towels that I have. Do I need to throw these all out just to be safe? On that topic, is there any danger to re-using these towels as wipe-down rags in the kitchen? My fear is that the same towels I use to clean my wheels will have embedded contaminants that I probably don't want anywhere near my kitchen. I am using the Costco Kir
  13. I would say it didn't cure properly. A few weeks ago I applied Adam's graphene coating to my car and compared it with another panel which had already been coated with CQuartz by a professional (1 year ago). The above is the old coating, and the below is the new coating. As you can see, the lower (Adam's Graphene) has a much sharper angle. This was the same panel and I used a pipette to drop the water. All I did was waterless wash, clay, surface prep, and then applied 1 coating. Wait 4 hours and got this result. My first attempt I didn
  14. Great suggestions here to try brilliant glaze. I'll have to do that next time I clean the interior windows. Have you guys tried xxxxx? Lots of guys in the Lexus forums live by it. It is a bit tricky to apply and I am told it's not good for the environment, but it seems like the bond lasts for months. I only applied it to my car this past weekend- let's see how long it lasts.
  15. Can you spot it? (hint: dead center) Unfortunately my dedicated spot is under a tree. I usually am very careful but this one was dried and one bad swipe and it made group of scratches. There goes my CQuartz coating. On the plus side another bird dropping didn't stick to my clear bra which I had just coated with Adam's graphene. It works! I would polish it out but then I'd have to recoat the panel. Not really worth it considering only I would notice. Maybe something can cover it up?
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