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  1. I used the Adam’s wheel kit to coat my wheels which went well. I obviously had plenty of wheel coating left and ended up using it on the paint after some correction. Did I violate a cardinal rule of Adam’s coatings or will this be OK? Certainly appears great from what I see so far (currently curing). The swirls/scratches were on an Xpel coating I had done a year ago so I must have introduced them with some bad washing habits (or maybe they were always under that coating I’m not sure). Only area I did was top of trunk lid where the imperfections had been bugging me. The SK Pro 15mm is a very powerful tool and worked great. Attached are a couple after photos; I forgot to take before. You probably wouldn’t be able to spot anything anyway from these photos but you can see how amazing the gloss looks.
  2. Prepping wheels (at least wheels that aren’t brand new) is kind of a chore, especially ones with ridiculous brake dust. Beer and music helped a lot (and a sunny weekend here in LA). Adam’s wheel cleaner, APC, and brushes, then the SK mini with compound, all did the job well. Once I got to the actual coating it was very easy. With the UV light, even though I have zero experience at this, I was able to do large sections no problem. And people seem to complain a lot about the Ceramic Boost but I’ve had a great experience on my car and now again on the wheels. Ended up ceramic coating the brake calipers and exhaust tips, too. I was looking for a little project and it was overall a hit for me. All the better if it makes maintenance washes as much easier as everyone says because cleaning wheels is a total grind.
  3. Just coated and boosted my wheels with the Adam’s kit. Showing off the results! Fun weekend project. Mods, sorry it’s not a question but wanted to post. 7FF1BBA9-0815-4CE0-8528-574329DDDE17.MOV
  4. Just applied the Adam’s UV Ceramic Wheel Coating to my wheels. Am I OK to continue using the Adam’s Wheel Cleaner (which I love) during my maintenance washes or is that going to just break down the coating? Thanks!
  5. Thanks so much for the detailed response @Dan@Adams (and @Chris@Adams and @falcaineer). Super helpful. The spot is rather small (like a nickel) and hard to notice on our “kid hauler” which gets beat up and parked outside all the time so it doesn’t bother me too much if it has to stay, though the idea of it growing concerns me. After I corrected and polished the hood to try to remove the etch I applied Ceramic Boost so maybe that will help preserve it as is. I’ve toyed with the idea of some 2000 grit sandpaper (saw the video where Adam uses it on the Bentley) just to see if it’s an improvement but I definitely am not looking to go to the base coat or end up at a body shop. That sounds scary.
  6. Hi all! Bird poop etch on hood of a 2019 VW Tiguan. I tried Adams compound and polish with all its pads and my Swirl Killer. Tried a more aggressive cutting compound from Meguiars, too. Is this through the clear and hopeless or do I need to go for something more aggressive? Excuse the dust around the etching car was dirty when I took photo this morning. Thanks!
  7. Car is new and was coated two months ago. The scratches are very very minor, of the “only visible In direct sunlight and to a lunatic owner” variety. Probably got them while I’ve been getting my wash routine down and trying all these detailing products (so from too much new-owner love). I don’t really think they justify any paint correction and anyway I don’t want to encourage myself to be that OCD. Just thought if there was a product that plays well with ceramic coatings, allows me to spend some quality time in the garage wiping the car, and hides these sorts of minor imperfections that would be nice. Basically Americana paste wax but for ceramic coated cars. I also just believe these sorts of scratches are almost inevitable so I know I can’t chase them down every few months for removal but would gladly use something that’s easy and masks them every few weeks. Is all that making sense?
  8. Hi! I’m trying to figure out what sort of top layer product I can use that will hide minor imperfections (light scratches and swirl marks) on my ceramic coated car. I think typically people use a paste wax for this but seems like “internet experts” advise against using a wax on a ceramic coated car (not even sure frankly if this is consensus advice). I know Adams has the ceramic paste wax (which is compatible with ceramic coatings and presumably has leveling agents to hide minor scratches) but man that is expensive. Recommendations? Thanks!
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