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  1. When I got my Graphene kit, it came with a small bottle of ceramic boost. Are you developing a Graphene boost to use with the Graphene coating? Thanks. Bob
  2. Here is a picture of the wheel. I will have to check the finish when I get home. The tires are mounted and balanced already.
  3. I just got a set of bronze satin coated wheels and wanted to coat them before putting them on my car. I was thinking of using my Adams Graphene coating on them. Will this work on a satin finish? Thanks. Bob
  4. Thanks, I did not realize that. Need to get going and get the wheels off and cleaned up.
  5. I plan on doing the wheels. I need to get them off the car and fully cleaned before doing that.
  6. Last night after a few days of getting my paint ready, I applied the Graphene Ceramic Coating to my VW Golf R. I did the entire car and I still have a little more than half the bottle left. Did I not apply enough? Thanks
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