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  1. Thanks for your offer. I’m near Charleston. I have basically corrected my first application. I am amazed at how water micro beads and flows off the paint and glass. And how good my Honda looks clean. Thanks again, but I’ve managed to end up getting a great result.
  2. Well...my 'messed up' process worked pretty well. There a quite a few 'high spots' showing. I have a dark blue Honda, so if really look, you can see them. I'll have to get some Brilliant Glaze and Spray GB to fix them. I drove through a major down pour and the beading was terrific. By the time I got home, every tiny drop had blown off. Graphene is a great product. I did go back to watch the Graphene videos and (not to complain), but the wipe off towels used were not the polish towels. That's were I made my m
  3. Hello, Newbe to the Forum, but not to Adams Polishes. Just bought a brand new Honda CR-V, so I wanted to get it protected with Graphene. Read the kit's instructions and watched Joe's video, but... I totally missed using the gray polishing cloth. I applied and then used the gray silk cloth only Opps... But, after posting in the forum, I quickly learned about my rookie mistake. And how to fix it. Thanks falcaineer.
  4. Will do. It's in the 'curing' phase now, so I'm interested to see what happens when water hits it. Thanks again.
  5. I read the brief instructions and watched the video on the home page and totally missed seeing use the gray polishing towel. I only used the gray silk towel like was used on the video. My bad. Thanks. What's the correction now?
  6. And, I used the surface prep before applying the Graphene.
  7. ....to the car (brand new Honda CR-V) and it looked great under regular light. I did all the prep work, striping the dealer applied wax, iron removal, claying, machine polishing, applying Graphene (one 3x3 section at a time), and wiping off with the kit's gray silk like cloth. I used the full Graphene kit, but the UV light was not too helpful with the garage light during application. Tonight, I went back into the fully dark garage (8 hours after applying) with the UV light and my coating looks terrible. Lots of streaking and hazing. It really lo
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