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  1. Ok great! Thank you for the reply. So Adams compound and which polish then wax would you recommend? I was quoted 4-500 by a detail shop here locally which is more than fair. But would love to own the tools myself so I can properly do my other cars.
  2. Thank you for the replies. I was able to go on YouTube and find Ammo NYC. He actually explained the process. Use a compound first like Meguiars M105 followed up by a polishing compound like M205. This is the information I was looking for and hoping to read in my post. Are the Adams products (compound and polish) better than Meguiars? And if so, what wax should I follow up with after the polish step? I will be buying the Porter Cable for compound and polish.
  3. I did it. I managed to impart a nice trail of swirl marks nicely stacked horizontally across the paint of my black chevy avalanche. To say I'm embarrassed and freaking out would be an understatement. I didn't realize what damage I was doing until the next day and into the sunlight. The only part of my truck I don't have to fix somehow is the driver side as I did it all by hand. I love this truck and worked very hard to afford it in cash. They didn't make very many 2500 version Avalanches and this one only has 95K miles on it. I cant catch a swirl mark with my fingernail, so hoping
  4. Been turning wrenches for years on many different cars. I can fix/rebuild just about anything (thanks dad) and enjoy the process. Lets just say when it comes to paint care I have a heavy hand. My latest foray into making my 2003 black Chevy 2500 Avalanche shine again didn't go so well. And it has lead me here! Looking forward to learning all that I can to fix this rookie mistake.
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