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  1. What is shelf live of Brilliant Glaze and Buttery wax? Also which should be applied first? I've always applied the brilliant glaze over the wax, however, someone questioned this. When I am going on a Corvette run or show I use the glaze over the wax Instead of detail spray. I have mettallic shark grey paint. The brilliant glaze really makes it pop. . What is longevity of both on the car after applying? Thank you
  2. Amazing ...I initially joined Adam's Forum around 15 to 20 years ago.(had different email address which is why membership doesn't reflect this). However, at that time persons were discussing the "lint" effect. The saga continues. P S..... I am still a happy user of Adams products
  3. Its in the towels......You need Adam's Polish Microfiber Revitalizer. I assume they still have this or a similar product. It looks like lint but it is really microfiber fibers. Suggest before use microfiber (including drying towel) on body test by wiping on wet windhield. If you feel the towel or microfiber does not glide smoothly. stop and look closely you will see the fibers massing on the glass (this will also happen on body but is not as noticeable). Instantly stop and use another microfiber (put the contaminated towel in the to be washed pile). I was skeptical, however, the revitalizer
  4. I believe Corvettes are prepainted off site before delivery of the exterior body parts to Bowling Green. The prepainted panels are then installed on the assembly line. Thus they may have been been painted well before. This is true for most cars. You may want to check with G M Go to Onstar or Chevrolet Owner web site. Enjoy our new ride !!
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