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  1. Yes me too. I have had several replies from guys in this forum. I’ve found the answer in its removal. First off it’s not lint. It’s fibers from cheap non glass microfiber cloths. Now I only use Korean glass cloth and Adams designated glass microfiber cloth. Both are fabulous. The answer is using the visco clay bar and glass cleaner from Adams to remove those fibers. I clay inside and outside glass. Thank you to all who have posted.
  2. Yes thank you I found this info to be true. Adams does still sell the blue glass cloths and now a special green glass cloth both are excellent. The green one is a glass scrubbing pile on one side and the other side a short nap fir buffing off. Now I’m dealing with a next to impossible film in my glass windshield. Quite annoying and frustrating. I’m hoping over time and lots of rainy days it will eventually come off. Picture is from today Jan 12,2021.
  3. Thank you I have the blue glass towels. As well using glass boost. Both have worked perfectly.
  4. Thank you I did just that. Glen Yates a distributor supplied and applied glass boost and some elbow grease along with a glass cloth. Fibers gone. It’s a new RED 2020 Honda Civic CVT. Love the car nice to have my glass back.
  5. Got my lint off. Sparkles gone to. Used Adams glass boost and glass cloths. Bought some Graphene as well for detailing the body. Wow wow what a product. Wind need to ceramic the car with this stuff on there. Love Adams products. Simply the best and my distributor here in Canada Glen Yates the best detailer I know.
  6. How to remove fibers stuck on the inside of windshield
  7. How do you get the fibers off once their on the window?
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