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  1. Thank you everyone. You put me at ease. I was rushing things too much because I thought the shampoo was going to cause trouble if it does dry. But, from all the tips you guys gave me, I`ll be better prepped next time.
  2. I wash my truck the same way you described. The soap did`nt really dry, it mostly ran off to the point where it does`nt look like soap was applied. So, I was a little worried it was going to cause problems. I just ordered a shutoff valve from the Adam`s store. You calmed my nerves where you said if the soap does dry, I can go over it again. I started out early in the morning doing this, but the sun started to peak around the corner of my house and I started to panic and rushed things a little. Next time I`ll be more prepared.
  3. It`s 29 degrees F. and today was my first time using a foam cannon, so this was also a learning stage for me too. The cannon worked flawlessly. The only problem I had was getting the whole truck washed with my wash mitt before all the soap runs off or dries. I tried to be quick but it`s still too much. Will it work to foam and wash half the truck at a time? I went as fast as I could so I can dry the truck before water spots can set in. You guys with trucks, could you post your methods on how do the foaming, washing and drying your truck? I also need to get a shut off valve for my hos
  4. Ok, I didn`t know there was Upholstery Cleaner. I did`nt even notice either of those cleaners in the store. Thanks for pointing them out.
  5. I have a what`s supposed to be a spill proof coffee mug, but some how it drips out of the lid occasionally and I got coffee drips on my seat belt. There are no visible stains on the belt because they are a dark brown color. There is just a coffee smell and I wish to clean it out. What product should I use to clean seat belts? Currently, I have Adam`s Interior Detailer spray, Leather and Interior Cleaner, and Leather Conditioner. Can any of these be used on seat belts or is there a better Adam`s product for seat belts?
  6. Ok, thanks everyone for clarifying the procedures, I understand better. I think I will use the graphene spray for now until I buy a swirl killer polisher.
  7. I do not have a polisher, so all the advice here tells me it`s best not to coat yet. I guess I`ll just use a sealant for now or wax. I`ll get a polisher when I can and then use graphene coating.
  8. Hello Michelle, I`m a newbie like you. That`s a great detailing job you did. Don`t you just wish your daily driver would stay that way in spite of all the salts they throw down? I hate road salt!
  9. I have reading up and watching videos about prepping the vehicle before applying the graphene coating or graphene spray. My question here is; do I have to polish my truck using a swirl killer even though my truck is brand new and there are no scratches on it? If I do use the ceramic products, I would still do the wash and clay step. I`m just wondering if the polishing step is necessary.
  10. As a newbie to the forum I have been reading a lot of posts and write-ups. I see a lot of three letter abbreviations used to name a product or term. I know it it easier and quicker to use abbreviations to save time on tying out the full names. I can find what some of the three letters stand for with a little searching, but not all of them I come across. One is APC. What does this stand for? It was used in a thread talking about strip washing. Mods, do you think it would be a good idea to put a glossary of all the three letter products and terms in the library section? It would help o
  11. Those are cool looking classics there Kurt. I like that '59 Travller.
  12. So detailing is an addiction huh? Just what I need.... another hobby to be addicted to. 😁
  13. Thanks Dan. I chose the Shadow Grey Metallic color. Now that I think of it, I did see some Adam`s products in the dealers showroom floor. I already spent hundreds of dollars on Adam`s product online. I can`t wait to try out my foam cannon with the snub nose attachment.
  14. Hi all! I just bought a new 2020 Silverado LTZ, Z71 Crew Cab. I was surfing the internet to get info on car care products and ran across Adam`s Polishes site. I really liked all those videos that show how to detail vehicles and all the products looked top quality and easy to use. There was a lot of things I did`nt know when I read a bunch of articles in the Blog. Still have a lot to learn. And these products make washing and waxing enjoyable again.
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