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  1. Thanks Rich. good to know. I wash them with non perfumed and dye free liquid detergent. Air dry or line dry. Lint gets stuck on glass both inside and outside of glass. I`ll consider buying some. Thanks. LOL. I will agree with that.
  2. I don`t like them guys. Like many other people, I also have the problem of these towels leaving lint stuck on the glass. It looks horrible. I have tried using more glass cleaner on the glass and towel, it does not work. Is there a fix for this, or another towel available for glass? Update; I just went outside and cleaned them again with the glass cleaner and the edgeless utility towels. No lint, but is it okay to use them on glass? I`m sorry Adam`s, but to me those green towels suck on glass.
  3. I know I previously posted about my foam cannon experiences here, but this is the fourth time I used it since I bought it. I am having a hard time with trying to finish washing my truck with the wash mitt before the soap is gone and almost dry. Yesterday it was mostly cloudy and in the low 50`s. I was in full shade before the sun got high enough to get over my garage. By the time I got to the other side of my truck, there was hardly any soap left on it from the cannon. It was almost dried and streaked. I can`t go any faster washing with the mitt or I`ll just be missing spots, which I did. I`m kind of disappointed and thinking of just going back to just washing with the mitt. Anyone with full size trucks have some tips on how you use the foam cannon and not having the soap gone and almost dry when you get to the other side?
  4. Thank you everyone. You put me at ease. I was rushing things too much because I thought the shampoo was going to cause trouble if it does dry. But, from all the tips you guys gave me, I`ll be better prepped next time.
  5. I wash my truck the same way you described. The soap did`nt really dry, it mostly ran off to the point where it does`nt look like soap was applied. So, I was a little worried it was going to cause problems. I just ordered a shutoff valve from the Adam`s store. You calmed my nerves where you said if the soap does dry, I can go over it again. I started out early in the morning doing this, but the sun started to peak around the corner of my house and I started to panic and rushed things a little. Next time I`ll be more prepared.
  6. It`s 29 degrees F. and today was my first time using a foam cannon, so this was also a learning stage for me too. The cannon worked flawlessly. The only problem I had was getting the whole truck washed with my wash mitt before all the soap runs off or dries. I tried to be quick but it`s still too much. Will it work to foam and wash half the truck at a time? I went as fast as I could so I can dry the truck before water spots can set in. You guys with trucks, could you post your methods on how do the foaming, washing and drying your truck? I also need to get a shut off valve for my hose so I don`t have to keep making trips to the spigot to turn the water on and off when taking the hose off the pressure washer. Doing this has slowed me down some.
  7. Ok, I didn`t know there was Upholstery Cleaner. I did`nt even notice either of those cleaners in the store. Thanks for pointing them out.
  8. I have a what`s supposed to be a spill proof coffee mug, but some how it drips out of the lid occasionally and I got coffee drips on my seat belt. There are no visible stains on the belt because they are a dark brown color. There is just a coffee smell and I wish to clean it out. What product should I use to clean seat belts? Currently, I have Adam`s Interior Detailer spray, Leather and Interior Cleaner, and Leather Conditioner. Can any of these be used on seat belts or is there a better Adam`s product for seat belts?
  9. Ok, thanks everyone for clarifying the procedures, I understand better. I think I will use the graphene spray for now until I buy a swirl killer polisher.
  10. I do not have a polisher, so all the advice here tells me it`s best not to coat yet. I guess I`ll just use a sealant for now or wax. I`ll get a polisher when I can and then use graphene coating.
  11. Hello Michelle, I`m a newbie like you. That`s a great detailing job you did. Don`t you just wish your daily driver would stay that way in spite of all the salts they throw down? I hate road salt!
  12. I have reading up and watching videos about prepping the vehicle before applying the graphene coating or graphene spray. My question here is; do I have to polish my truck using a swirl killer even though my truck is brand new and there are no scratches on it? If I do use the ceramic products, I would still do the wash and clay step. I`m just wondering if the polishing step is necessary.
  13. As a newbie to the forum I have been reading a lot of posts and write-ups. I see a lot of three letter abbreviations used to name a product or term. I know it it easier and quicker to use abbreviations to save time on tying out the full names. I can find what some of the three letters stand for with a little searching, but not all of them I come across. One is APC. What does this stand for? It was used in a thread talking about strip washing. Mods, do you think it would be a good idea to put a glossary of all the three letter products and terms in the library section? It would help out newbies.
  14. Those are cool looking classics there Kurt. I like that '59 Travller.
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