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  1. I do them before as well. I would just be sure to have a different wash mitt or rag and refill your bucket before you use it on the paint.
  2. Going by your user name is this a corvette? This is a common issue on corvettes dating back to the C5s due to cheaper material on the Sears and the high bolsters. If it’s wear and not a mark it may not come out with a cleaner. if you search on the corvette forum there is a lot of info on this. Also if you go to YouTube there are a few dealers that post videos on recommended methods to get in and out of the car with the key to drop in the seat vs slide in and rub the seat that can cause wear.
  3. How long was it on the car? You could try brilliant glaze to see if that gets rid of it. But if it was on there too long and in the sun there’s a possibility it baked into the coating. If that’s the case the only way to get rid of it is to polish it off and reapply the coating
  4. I would think you would want to ensure the coating is 100% removed from the area before applying the touch up paint and don’t think rubbing alcohol will remove it. I would probably polish that area to ensure its removed, apply the touch up, and then after that’s complete and dry reapply the coating to that area.
  5. I use both Adams wash pad but also have a mitt like the one your using just a different brand. The mitts will definitely work better the microfiber towels. Another tip would be to start at the top of the car and less dirty panels and you should be able to cover more area without getting more water. I use 3.5 gallon buckets and have plenty or soap when I’m done. and I’m loving the WRX so far. I have it in the world rally blue and it’s a blast to drive and absolutely love the color.
  6. What kind of car are you washing? I think a lot would depend on how dirty your car is too and how frequently your cleaning and dipping yourself wash mitt in the soap. If your car is really dirty and your having to clean multiple times per panel then you will go through a lot more soap. But if it was that dirty I would recommend a pre soak or trying to hose some of the dirt off before washing. I have a WRX which is a normal sedan and I use the same mitt and have plenty of water in both buckets after a wash. I can normally wash a full panel using not my sides of the mitt before clean
  7. I've been searching and really have not found a lot of information but from what I've been able to find it seems that Rinseless wash is a versatile product and has some gloss enhancers that will add shine and almost sounds like it is an in-between product in terms of shine between the waterless wash and detail spray. I was curious if anyone has switched to using diluted Rinseless wash (16:1 or a different mix ratio) in place of detail spray and if you were happy with the results in terms of using as a drying aid and providing some degree of shine and protection? I know similar products to Ri
  8. Dan I appreciate the input. I am in NC so the summers do get hot but overall it's not terrible for more of the year. The car rarely sits in the sun all day so that should definitely help it last longer. I normally wax my cars every 3 months so I may need to shorten it a little bit but it sounds like with the detail spray/ spray wax that 2-2.5 months shouldn't be out of the question. In all honestly it seems like it is a fairly easy product to use and I enjoy waxing my car so shortening it will be an excuse to spend more time detailing the car which isn't necessarily a bad thing. Once I ge
  9. Thank you everyone for the welcomes! I did order the detail spray and the interior detail spray so looking forward to using both of those more! A while back I ordered the sample kit so got to try everything out and was really impressed with the results so I ordered the full bottles of several products. And I didn't mean to knock Adams with my comment on being overwhelmed with the choices. I did find compared to some of the competitors Adams was a lot more straight forward with the product offerings and feel that I am going to start off with the Carnauba based products (buttery wax, detail
  10. Hello all, New to the forum and detailing in general and had a question over the Buttery wax. I did try searching but really couldn't find an answer. I recently placed an order for the Buttery Wax and spray wax. I know the buttery wax bottle says it lasts 4-6 weeks and the spray wax says it will extend the life of current protection on the car but was curious what a realistic expectation would be as far as how long the buttery wax will last if I use detail spray/ spray wax every 1-2 weeks. I have a WRX and it is kind of a cross between a daily driver and a garage qu
  11. Hello everyone, I've been reading on these forums the past few weeks and figured I would join and be a more active member. Just recently got introduced to Adams products and hoping to learn more about the product line. While the products are straight forward for the most part I did get a little overwhelmed with some of them as far as being compatible with other products but feel that I am learning which is good. Historically I've always just used Mothers or Meguiars to care for my cars but recently tried the Adams detail spray and interior detailer and was really impressed and just placed a
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