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  1. No worries I'm not doing it for another month or so. Just hoping they take care of it. People on Amazon had the same issue and said to buy it from Adams and then I get same issue lol this is why I buy ahead of time in case of incidents like this! Appreciate the reply!
  2. Oh no it came in leaking 🥺 sent Adams an email! Hopefully they sent me a new one!!
  3. Oh c'mon do a hand wash lol hand washed mine yesterday, ceramic coating will be here Saturday and then hopefully a few days warm enough to do it in the next month or so. Looks good still but I can tell my bfwd sealant is breaking down on the lower panels and back of truck
  4. This is awesome news! 😎 How long has the graphene been on it? And luckily at work I have access to heated wash bay and local car wash is nice too so it's a win win in all conditions! Just tough moving a big truck around the wash bays sometimes lol
  5. I saw this already!! Truck looks great! Hopefully I won't have to do quite this much work as already paint corrected truck when I got it and threw sealant on it but it's slowly breaking down. Hoping I can get away with a strip wash and minor correction before ceramic coating.
  6. Thanks for the info! Good looking truck and I think I am going to try it. Honestly never liked the Adams stuff but I have seen good stuff about the newer graphene and really like the UV light. I used IGL ceramic in the past and it is so hard to see where you have been so UV light is a really good idea imo. Don't know when to buy it yet as it is still chilly here in ohio and not ready to put summer wheels on yet!
  7. Good deal and if I buy the graphene kit this week and wait for a month or two to install will it be ok still? Will not open of course just curious on shelf life as it is still cold here in Ohio and snowy lol
  8. Awesome, yeah I have heard it is a good idea to use a boost every once in awhile to maintain it! Thanks for your help!
  9. Awesome thanks for the quick reply! Lusso car wash ok to use? I have a gallon of it left still and want to make sure it was ok and will no degrade the coating
  10. Hello all, been throwing around the idea of ceramic coating the truck in the spring as I have a set of 22" wheels that are new I need to seal up anyways. How much ceramic coating do I need? Was looking at the new Adams Graphene coating and it is a 60 ml bottle, the wheel coatings I have seen are 30 ml or so. Is 60 ml enough for wheels and the entire truck? It is a 2020 Sierra Crew Cab just trying to figure things out especially since Adams has it on sale right now! Also can I continue to use my Lusso car soap I love or would I have to use the Adams one? Link:
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